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MBTI in Gryffindor

Hogwarts Houses (Sorting Hat) MBTI

Gryffindor is very in line with the Se function. The Se function describes someone who absorbs information by what's around them and by using their five senses. Often times, they are practical, down to earth people. People in the gryffindor house are also prac...

MBTI in Ravenclaw

Hogwarts Houses (Sorting Hat) MBTI

The Ravenclaw house is most in like with the Ti function, then following Ne.  This can vary though as many NeTi users or NeFi users or FiNe users also go in line with Ravenclaw though typically the functions Ti and Ne align with Ravenclaw.  This is because Ne ...

MBTI in Hufflepuff

Hogwarts Houses (Sorting Hat) MBTI

Hufflepuffs are known to be very loyal, kind and hardworking.  Hufflepuffs are one of the hardest MBTI types to fit into because it is easily the most broad.  Though, the house is most in line with Si, Fe and Fi.  This is because Si has many traits in common w...

MBTI in Slytherin

Hogwarts Houses (Sorting Hat) MBTI

Slytherin is known to be a house filled with ambitious, cunning and strategic people. This house is most in line with the Ni and Te functions.  Ni is known to be strategic and insightful, similar to Slytherins.  Just like how Te users are orderly and organized...

Type 1

Hogwarts Houses (Sorting Hat) Enneagrams In Hogwarts

Type 1 enneagrams would either fit into Slytherin or Hufflepuff due to their rule abiding personalities and understanding of rules kept close to them

Type 2

Hogwarts Houses (Sorting Hat) Enneagrams In Hogwarts

Type 2 fits the Hufflepuff traits due on. to their need to help others constantly which would include acts like depending on them and also extreme loyalty in many cases