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The Spiritualist


The Persona focused on individuality, philosophy, and feelings.


Focused on one's independence and freedom


Focused on insights and the imaginary


Focused on what feels right and is moral


Positive Interior:

Free-Thinking, Big-Picture, and Grandiose/Idealistic, Reflective, and Romantic/Sensitive, Reflective, and Introspective

Negative Interior:

Structured, Dutiful, and Controlled/Pragmatic, Realistic, and Down-To-Earth/Logical, Methodical, and Correct

Negative Exterior:

Social, Friendly, and Energetic/Visual, Observant, and Hedonistic/Stoic, Blunt, and Intellectual

Positive Exterior:

Calm, Laid-Back, and Reserved/Creative, Innovative, and Theoretical/Expressive, Emotional, and Friendly

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