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Wiki Editing Guidelines & Community Rules

What to write

  • Beginner-friendly typology content that can help improve the quality of consensus vote on PDB.
  • Different opinions on controversial topics.
  • Advanced typology content for people who wish to learn more about typology.
  • Other content of value to the community.

What to delete immediately

  • Spam.
  • Plagiarized or infringing content.
  • Content insulting a user, a group, or a personality type.
  • Offensive or NSFW content.
  • Other content violating Community Rules

Principles on wiki content

  1. Be neutral:
    • State facts as facts, opinions as opinions;
    • State different opinions on controversial topics.
  2. Avoid copyright infringement:
    • Provide proper citations for quotations;
    • Avoid copy and paste large proportion of copyrighted content. 

Editing Tips

    • To all early contributors: Please be free to write anything that is of value to the community without worrying too much about the template or structure, as long as they are following the guidelines above. The pages can be re-arranged and sorted after we have more content created.
    • How to format your page - this template can be helpful.
    • How to edit - this test page will show you how easy it is to edit.

Community Rules

Community rules on PDB main site apply to this Wiki.

What is a rule?

One of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct within a particular activity or sphere.

Community Rules apply to all activities taking place on PDB and PDB wiki.

  1. There will be absolutely no harassing another user, groups of users, or an entire personality type which includes insults, name calling, threats, or any other harmful or negative conversation.
  2. There will be absolutely no prejudice, slurs, or discrimination towards any user or group of people based on their culture, beliefs, disability, or lifestyle. Even if said in a joking manner, it will be taken seriously.
  3. Do not sexualize or sexually target another user, even if the other user consents and is of age. The legality of any relationship differs by country and this is an international community, so we feel it is best served to avoid any and all sexual talk towards another user. Please take this conversation elsewhere.
  4. Posting any sexually explicit content or linking to violent or "shock" imagery is prohibited.
  5. Do not post extreme liberal or conservative opinions. PDB is not a political site.
  6. Impersonating another user is not allowed and will cause a restriction. Impersonating any mod a permanent restriction.
  7. Do not encourage any kind of raid on any one profile or page. Doing so with the intent of overwhelming the comment section or encouraging a vote change can lead to restriction or page closure.
  8. Blatant disrespect or rudeness towards a profile of a living person is not tolerated regardless of their situation.
  9. If we suspect you are using multiple accounts for the purpose of voting, downvoting, trolling, or harassing other users, those accounts will be removed and merged, and your main account may be restricted. Please just use one account. The system credits influential & constructive Typology Comments, so please leave thoughtful content instead of using multiple accounts to influence votes. Using a secondary or alt account for the purpose of user harassment will have greater consequences. Evading a ban or permission restriction by creating a new account may result in a permanent restriction.
  10. Be respectful to mental disorders in your conversation. If it needs to be brought up, make sure it is relevant to the conversation.
  11. Do not post content created by others if you don't have proper permission and attribution.
  12. Before giving typing advice to another user, the user’s consent must be obtained implicitly or explicitly, and such consent can be withdrawn by the user at any time. For the avoidance of doubt, typing users on their PDB Community Profiles with the voting option enabled, or replying to users’ type-me questions are allowed.

Our desire is to have a safe environment for all.

Violating rules above will cause consequences such as content removal, a loss of privilege, points deduction, or an outright ban.

    Written and maintained by PDB users for PDB users.