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The Unconventionals

The Unconventionals (Others)

Systems that are not available on PDB for typing characters and celebrities. For example, Moral Alignment, Horsenality, Zodiac,...

Vocational Personality Systems



Fictional Typology Systems

Commonly systems that categorize people in a fictional setting, which can be applied to people in a typological sense. Includes...

Observation-Based Personality Systems

Morphopsychology, Graphology, Vultology, Rorschach

Mind Axes

Katherine Benziger's Brain Type

Katherine Benziger's Brain Type theory, Based on measurement of brain function and energy consumption in the brain

Moral Alignments

Objective Personality

The Objective Personality System, also known as OPS or simply OP, is a typology system devised by Dave and Shannon Powers and p...

Cattell's 16 Personality Factors || 16PF

Jungian Archetypes


WARNING: This system is garbage that I made, DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO GARBAGE!

3D Psyche

Archived from the 3D Psyche website

The Three Extraversions

Theory inspired by 3d Psyche's 3 color concept.


It's here

The Grecian Archetypes

it's here >:)

The Hidden Desire Types

Based on the idea that all people have deepest desires are counter to their behavior

DiSC Personality

DiSC® is an acronym that stands for the four main behavioral styles outlined in the DiSC model of personalities. The lower-case...

Color Personality System

MOTIVES Personality System

Dungeons And Dragons Archetypes

Baron-Cohen's Empathising–Systemising Theory

Daniel Amen’s 16 Brain Types Theory