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Optimistic vs Pessimistic

The Optimistic vs Pessimistic axe describes whether each temperament has more focus on emotions of logics, however it does describe more, so lets dive into it more.


Containing the Sanguine and Phlegmatic Temperaments, the types that are Optimistic are positive, people-focused, and laid-back. They have a strong grasp over the emotions of themselves and others, and are good at regulating them. However, they also are logically unaware and often aren't able to chose the correct decision if it hurts their own or others feelings.


Containing the Choleric and Melancholic Temperaments, the types that are Pessimistic are negative, word-focused, and determined. They have a strong grasp over logical thinking and organization, being good and finding the correct answer. However, they also are emotionally volatile and often don't realize until their emotions have caused harm to themselves of others.

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