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The Melancholic Blends

Like all other Temperaments, Melancholic has 3 blends, one for each of the other Temperaments.

Melancholic-Choleric - The Pessimistic Magician (The Reformer)

The Melancholic-Choleric Blend enhances Melancholic's Pessimism and diminishes Melancholic's Slow-Pace and Idealism. This makes Melancholic-Choleric willing to sacrifice Melancholic's usual organization for Choleric's dynamic presence.

Melancholic-Sanguine - The Idealistic Magician (The Artist)

The Melancholic-Sanguine Blend enhances Melancholic's Idealism and diminishes Melancholic's Pessimism and Slow-Pace. This makes Melancholic-Sanguine willing to sacrifice Melancholic's usual dutifulness for Sanguine's extravagant nature.

Melancholic-Phlegmatic - The Slow-Paced Magician (The Scholar)

The Melancholic-Phlegmatic Blend enhances Melancholic's Slow-Pace and diminishes Melancholic's Idealism and Pessimism. This makes Melancholic-Phlegmatic willing to sacrifice Melancholic's usual perfectionism for Phlegmatic's comfortability.

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