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Dominant function(or Primary function) by Daryl Sharp

Primary function

The psychological function that is most differentiated. In Jung’s model of
typology, the primary or superior function is the one we automatically use
because it comes most naturally.

Experience shows that it is practically impossible, owing to adverse circumstances in general, for
anyone to develop all his psychological functions simultaneously. The demands
of society compel a man to apply himself first and foremost to the
differentiation of the function with which he is best equipped by nature, or
which will secure him the greatest social success. Very frequently, indeed as a
general rule, a man identifies more or less completely with the most favoured
and hence the most developed function. It is this that gives rise to the
various psychological types.[Definitions,” CW 6, par. 763.]


In deciding which of the four functions-thinking, feeling, sensation or intuition-is primary, one must
closely observe which function is more or less completely under conscious
control, and which functions have a haphazard or random character. The superior
function (which can manifest in either an introverted or an extraverted way) is
always more highly developed than the others, which possess infantile and
primitive traits.

The superior function is always an expression of the conscious personality, of its aims, will, and
general performance, whereas the less differentiated functions fall into the
category of things that simply “happen” to one.[General Description of
the Types,” ibid., par. 575.][1]


Source:Jung Lexicon:A Primer of Terms & Concepts by Daryl Sharp, M.A. Jungian Analyst

The source used is from a website and not  directly from Beebe book

Dominant Function by john Beebe

The Dominant Function, (also called as Superior Function, Hero Function or Primary Function) is always the most developed function. The dominant function is the most comfortable and used function, engaging with it costs little energy, you are and feel competent when using it. 

According to Carl Jung, our dominant function starts to appear in our early years, from six to twelve years of age (But take note, this are just approximate, everyone has different levels of maturity). 

All in all, the dominant function is our most comfortable, most developed function, we develop it during our early years in life and we have no problem engaging with it. 


Te Dominant: During your childhood years (6-12), you developed the preference to logically organize objects and feel competent and comfortable when making objective rational judgements. 

Fi Dominant: During your childhood years (6-12), you developed the preference to emotionally judge the value of things in a subjective level and you feel competent and comfortable when making subjective emotional/rational judgements. 



[1]Jung Lexicon:A Primer of Terms & Concepts by Daryl Sharp, M.A. Jungian Analyst



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