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Fe-Ni vs Ni-Fe

Before we start, I would want to summarize Fe and Ni

Extraverted Feeling: "Extraverted feeling is based upon accepted or traditional social values and opinions. It involves a conforming, adjusting response to objective circumstances that strives for harmonious relations with the world."

Introverted Intuition: "It attempts to fathom internal events by relating them to universal psychological processes or to other archetypal images."

Fe-Ni: Judges the world using collective or accepted social values or opinions, it attempts to build a community that matches with society's current values to fit the majority, then they see if it aligns with their personal vision/perception of reality, They will set and lay down collective values, relationships and emotions then check if it matches with their own theory or vision. 

Ni-Fe: Perceives the world using subjective intuition, they will refer back to their own vision/theory and then relate it to the emotional consensus, it mainly focuses first on their own subjective perception first but needs collective values to back it up. Ni-Fe mainly needs collective values to reassure their own personal vision. 

Compare and Contrast: Both Fe-Ni and Ni-Fe need both collective value and inner vision to work together, the difference is that Fe-Ni mainly prioritizes relationships, societal values and the community more and only uses their own vision/intuition as support, whilst Ni-Fe mainly prioritizes their own personal intuition first and needs collective values to back up and support it. 

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