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What is a Loop?

Looping is the idea that a type will neglect it's auxiliary function and rely on it's tertiary, it is often seen as an unhealthy state.

Potential evidence of the concept of loops being considered in the work of Myers:

"Good type development thus demands that the auxiliary supplement dominant process in two respects. It must supply a useful degree of balance not only between perception and judgement but also between extraversion and introversion. When it fails to do so it leaves the individual literally "unbalanced", retreated into the preferred world and consciously or unconsciously afraid of the other world. Such cases do occur and may seem to support the widespread assumption among Jungian analysts that the dominant auxiliary naturally both extravert and introverted; but such cases are not the norm: They are instances of insufficient use and development of the auxiliary. To live happily and effectively in both worlds, people need a balancing auxiliary that will make it possible to adapt in both directions-to the world around them and to their inner selves."

Myers, "Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type"

Despite being often perceived as "unbalanced" or "unhealthy', the theories are meant to find understanding of how the human mind processes the world and it's inner workings, there is currently no grounded way to prove what is the healthy balance in the realm of typology.

Use loop to type a person?

[need input - arguments from both sides]

Community Discussions on Loops

If the mbti only follows Jung's theory but cannot accept the Loops, what happens to those people who feel more identified with the loops than with their auxiliary function? If they are bad typidicated, what they really are? I don't want to believe that the only answer is that they're just insane since that's what loops are all about.


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