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Classic Jungian

Classic Jungian is a way of representing a type using two functions to indicate its dichotomies. It is especially useful when denoting alternate function stacks (E-E-I-I or I-I-E-E).

The first two letters of the type are an abbreviation for the dominant function. For example, IT represents introverted thinking, EN represents extraverted intuition, etc.

The second letter of the type represents the dimension of the secondary/auxillary function, though it does not indicate whether the function is introverted or extroverted. For example, IT(S) can represent both Ti-Se or Ti-Si.

It's important to note that the classic Jungian system uses Jung's defined cognitive functions, as opposed to Myers-Briggs' definitions and systems, so one's classic Jungian type may differ from their MBTI.

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