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Si vs Ni

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Si: Personalised attachment to the object. How it reminds us of a life that has been imprinted in the object. How the object is part of someone's life. It is determined through the personal sense of how the object stimulates the senses of a memory or a solid perception from past precedent.

Purpose: Si helps us find our place in the world. By determining the segmentation of what makes reality can we establish bonds and attachments to develop or experience in particular locations and environments. The nomads have to settle somehow and know their roles in the vast world so that they can create LIFE.


Ni: Is the deep and personalised interpretation of the object which meets the concluding end. It is ability to perceive or know things without conscious reasoning. A sense of anticipating and assuming the probable outcome by understanding the motivation of the existence of the object. It upholds the depth of its archetype that is extracted and formed in an organized manner to determine the linear scheme of the object.

Purpose: Ni helps us understand reality in a perspicacious digestible manner. Through our mind, we can conceptually conclude any situations we experience or soon to experience which helps narrow down options or single out the right outcome.

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