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Te-Si vs Si-Te

Before we start, I'd like to summarize both Te and Si:

Extraverted Thinking: "Depends on external/empirical facts and judges based on the collective truth"

Introverted Sensation: "Introverted sensation is subjectively filtered by their personal experience. Perception is not based directly on the object, but is merely suggested by it. 

Te-Si: Sets up facts, goals and concrete evidences and then checks if it aligns to their own personal experiences. It mainly judges the world by facts and tangible evidences first and then verify those information by their own subjective experience to see if they are both tied have some sort of connection. Both of them work in tandem in a sense where in Si basically verifies the judgement of the dominant function. 

Si-Te: Refers to their personal, subjective perception/experience, and then back it up by empirical facts. It mainly perceives the world by subjective impressions, based by their own personal experience, and then backs it up and reasons it with empirical evidences and facts. 

Compare and Contrast: Both need empirical evidences and subjective experiences to work together, however, Te-Si mainly judges the world first, and then check if those empirical facts match up to that of their own subjective experience. While Si-Te mainly perceives the world with subjective filters first and then backing it up with empirical facts. 

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