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Decipher Personality Tests

Keys2Cognition test
  • Determine E/I: 
    • E score = Se + Ne + Te + Fe
    • I score = Si + Ni + Ti + Fi
    • Whichever is higher wins out
  • Find the highest possible function pair out of the 8 “allowed”


Interview with Dario Nardi:


Sakinorva Function Test
  • Based on the function value assigned to each question and the order of Grant stack in each type, calculate the type_score = a(dominant)+b(auxiliary)+c(tertiary)-d(inferior)



Michae Caloz test 
  • Calculate the value of each function by comparing Te / Ti, Fe / Fi, Se / Si, Ni / Ne and across dimensions.
  • Calculate the value of temperaments: SJ / NF / NT / SP
  • Calculate the value of inferior function by asking your weakness

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