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Se-Ti vs Ti-Se

Before we start, let's define both of these functions; Ti and Se:

Introverted Thinking (Ti): "Introverted thinking is contemplative, involving an inner play of ideas. It is thinking for its own sake and is always directed inward to subjective ideas and personal convictions rather than outward to practical outcomes. The main concern of such thinking is to elaborate as fully as possible all the ramifications and implications of a seminal idea."

Extraverted Sensing (Se): "Extraverted sensation strives for intensity of experience derived from concrete objects and physical activities. Consciousness is therefore directed outward to those objects and activities that may be expected to arouse the strongest sensations."

Ti-Se: Decisive and rational, it mainly judges information using subjective metrics on what logically makes sense to them. They judge information in a detached point of view and make decisions based on personal understanding, then they will explore different sensory environments and perceiving things objectively, but more on judging the information first before perceiving the object.

Se-Ti: Perceptive and observant, it mainly observes and takes in information based on the object itself, it purely focuses on the sensory object without subjective influence, then it will then judge the object by subjective logic and inner theories. 

Compare and Contrast: Ti-Se is more decisive and rational, constantly making decisions using a detached standpoint of ones own logical understand of the topic and then perceiving it second. Se-Ti is more perceptive and observant, constantly perceiving the object objectively and then judging the information using personal understanding. 

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