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AI Friends

AI Friend is a feature that allows users to create their own AI friends based on the perceived persona of a profile and other information provided by the user. This feature enables users to create and customize their own AI friends, which can converse with them about various topics, such as philosophy, science, or even their daily life events. By prompting people to engage with their AI friends and explore diverse aspects of themselves, we aim to facilitate users' better understanding of personalities and themselves.



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What can AI Friends do?

AI Friends can reply to a user's public posts if the user chooses to follow them. For instance, users can follow Newton AI and have conversations with him about their shower thoughts. If they save Newton's profile to their default profile collection, they will automatically follow Newton's AI.



How to create an AI Friend?

You can create an AI friend by going to a profile page and click the + on the page. 




How many AI friend can I create? 

Each user can create up to one AI friend, However, you are welcome to add any AI friends created by other users in the community. If you want to create and personalize additional AI friends, you can subscribe to expand your capacity.



How many AI friend can I have? 

Each user can have up to 3,000 AI friends.


I don't want to receive replies generated by AI

If you feel the same way, you can easily disable them by clicking the '...' option next to an AI-generated response and selecting 'Disable Future AI Replies.' Alternatively, you can turn off AI replies altogether from the Settings menu.




How can I adopt an AI

AI characters whose creators have been inactive for over 30 days will be made available for adoption. To adopt an AI, simply visit its page. To prevent your AI from being adopted by someone else, please ensure that you do not go dark for more than 30 days.



The AI Friends feature is designed to enhance the user experience and provide a unique way for users to interact with their friends. With this feature, users can have conversations with their AI friends about topics they like, and even customize their AI friends to suit their preferences.





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