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Each single page where users can type a famous person or a fictional character is called a profile.

For example, Nelson Mandela has a profile, and Dio Brando also has also a profile. 

PDB Personal Page (or PDB Community Profile, PDB Community Page) is a special type of profile. 


How to add / edit profiles 🧑‍🎤 or profile lists 🎬

First of all, you must sign in from the 💻 browser to add any content, and to add a profile your account has to be at least 7 days old.

To add a new profile 🧑‍🎤: You have to add the profile in the profile list that it belongs. There is an "+ Add Profile" /  "+ Add Characters" link at the top right corner of the profile list. For example, to add a Star Wars character, you have to (1) Go into the "Movies" Category, (2) Choose "Franchises" as the Group, (3) Find "Star Wars", and a list of all Star Wars characters appears on the screen. (4) Above the list of characters is the "+ Add Characters" button.



To add a new profile list 🎬: Users can add new profile lists under Fictional Characters, i.e. anime, movies, shows, books, etc. For example, to add a new Movie, go into the Movies Category, and above the profile list is an "+ Add Profile List" button. Please add the main characters together with a new profile list so that they can be shown on the top of the list.


Some categories and profile lists are more regulated and don't allow adding new content 🔒, such as Personified and Surveys and Polls categories. Do you want to add something to these categories and they are currently closed? Request here Secret is that suggestions with high upvotes are likely to be considered.


Who can change name and wiki of Profiles and Profile Lists?

Profile/Profile list creators, Advanced/Elite Database Contributor, and data moderators. If you want to change the name of a profile or profile list but you don't have the access, please report it, state the reasons and a data moderator will look into it. 


How do I add or change a photo for a profile or profile list?

There is an "Upload Photo" button under the profile or profile list photo. Certain profiles are locked, so you may not see the upload button under the photo. Most are not locked.

Usually it takes up to 2 days for your photo to be approved and displayed. If you see the old photo after approval, it is probably just cached. If you want to change a profile photo, please always give an explanation why the change is needed, so that your request can be processed faster. Important: Image Guidelines should be followed for any photos uploaded on PDB.


How to manage my PDB page? ✍️

Android & Web users: Go to your PDB page, click the"Settings" link under your bio, and then you can manage access or edit information

iOS users: Go to your PDB "Settings" > "Your PDB Page" to manage access, or click "Edit Profile" on your user page to edit your information.

image-1672287989676.26.22 PM.png


Why was a profile deleted?

There could be several reasons.

(1) Inactive profiles might be removed. "Inactive" varies in definition:

  • The number of votes,
  • the lack of any comments (or only 1 comment).
  • No profile picture.

Famous people and fictional characters will be judged lightly. Memes profiles have stricter standards of what is considered "inactive" -- meaning, more profiles will be removed here.

(2) A profile might be removed if it is a cause for toxic behavior. This mostly applies to Memes. It could apply elsewhere, but very rarely.

(3) Lastly, the profile may have been reported as a duplicate and merged with another profile.


Why can't I vote or comment on a Profile?

If your voting or commenting permission is not removed, i.e. there are profiles where you can vote and comment, then the voting or commenting option is closed for all users by us. The reasons could be:

(1) For fictional profiles, the voting option is always closed before the movie/character is released.

(2) For real profiles, under the request of the real person we will turn off commenting or voting option or take down the profile completely.

(4) For PDB Community profiles, it is at the profile owner's discretion whether they want to enable commenting and voting option.


You have used my artwork and I have not given permission.

Please send an email request and we will remove it right away.

Most of the thumbnail-sized profile pictures used by Personality Database are for the purposes of identifying a person, thing or character for personality review and criticism in what we believe to be part of the Fair Use act. However, sometimes unwanted content is uploaded such as fan art, publicity photos, or photos used to identify a topic are not completely appropriate for "identification". Helping us identify and remove such images is appreciated. We do not claim to own or profit off of any images or artwork.


What do I do if I have been added to your database as a profile?

Profiles have been added by users of this website, and not this website itself. When a living person is added to our database for the purpose of personality discussion, our intention is to only allow it if they are a notable or public figure. This is based on their actions by notable achievements (business, entertainment, etc), or those have made themselves public by amassing a large following on social media or other public forums. The definition of how noteworthy and how public someone is before they can be added is sometimes subjective. We do have a team of moderators that review certain new profiles for this purpose.

If you find user-generated content on your profile that constitutes harmful defamation or invasion of privacy, please contact us to remove the said content.

If you are not a public figure (politician, celebrity, social media personality, business leader, involuntary public figure, etc. See definition) and do not wish to be in the database, you can contact us to remove your profile.


Written and maintained by PDB users for PDB users.