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Welcome to the In-App Awards Wiki! Here, we will provide information about our award system, including what awards are, how they work, and how you can get them.

== What are Awards? ==

Awards are a way for users of our platform to show their appreciation to contributors. You can award an analysis, a post, or a reply to show your support and help them reach a wider audience.


== How do Awards work? ==

When you give an award, the content being awarded will be ranked on the awarded list. Additionally, the most awarded content on a profile or a board will be ranked first for everyone. This helps to highlight quality content and make it more visible to other users on the platform.

Furthermore, contributors who receive an award may also receive additional gift coins, depending on the award you choose to give. This can further incentivize high-quality contributions to the platform.


== How can I get Awards to give out? ==

You can redeem awards with coins. There are several ways to get coins, including being active on the platform or purchasing coins with cash.

When you have enough coins, you can use them to give out awards to contributors whose content you appreciate. This not only shows your support but also helps to boost their visibility on the platform.


== What are Award Points? ==

Award points are a way to track the popularity and quality of awarded content on our platform. When a user awards a piece of content, the content receives award points. The more and better awards a content receives, the higher the award points it will have.

Award points are used to rank content on the leaderboard. The content with the highest award points will be ranked at the top of the leaderboard, making it more visible to other users on the platform. This can help to incentivize high-quality content and encourage users to contribute to the platform.


== Where can I find my Awards? ==

To see your awards, go to your user page and look for the 🏆 award icon at the top. Click on it, and you'll see the awards you've received and given. This is a great way to keep track of your contributions and see how others appreciate your work.


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