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Happy Bubbles, Wonder Chat

What are they?

Happy Bubbles is a feature that allows you to send one message to many people of a particular personality type - kind of like blasting bubbles.

To send bubbles, you can go to the app and access it from the "Explore" tab. It may have a localized name.

Alternatively, you can also go to a personality page and send bubbles from there.

Wonder Chat is a feature designed for introverts who want to make friends. It allows you to chat with a stranger for 1 hour. You can choose to end the chat before the hour ends to remain anonymous to each other.


Why it shows "this feature is not available to you"?

Bubbles and Wonder Chat may not be able to you for two reasons:

  • You may have inadvertently signed into multiple accounts for our app, in which case we would disable features on all but one account at a time for security and system integrity reasons. I would advise signing in with only one account going forward to ensure full access to all features.
  • If you have been blocked by more than 4 other users within the past 90 days, we put some limits in place to prevent abusive behavior. You are welcome to wait until the 90 days expires.

You can also upgrade to premium to continue using these features when it is not available to you. 

Written and maintained by PDB users for PDB users.