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Typology Moderators

Typology moderators ensure the quality of typology analysis by

  • pinning informative or warning threads (not opinions),
  • removing posts and comments on a profile,
  • identifying vote rigging behaviors (we are trying to automate this work)
  • banning users who break community rules from making typology analysis,
  • restricting a user's access to the platform.

They are often Constables or of a higher rank on Personality Database. 

How to become a Typology Moderator? 

You can start by writing helpful personality analyses. Your contribution will be noticed by admins and community members 💚

The Site Admin will post on News & Announcements when there is a need for new Data Moderators. 

General Requirements
  • Be above the age of 17
  • Be an active Constable or of a higher rank
  • Follow PDB community rules
  • Agree with moderation guidelines
    • First of all, moderators should strive to maintain a positive and constructive attitude, especially when interacting with the community. Moderators hold privileges and power, which comes with a higher level of responsibility to cultivate a positive and welcoming community. Moderators should not spread negativity about the platform openly. If you disagree with the platform, you can offer constructive criticism through email or the modding Discord server.
    • As a moderator, you should be familiar with the rules and guidelines for all users. Before you moderate others, you can perform self moderation in your post history. Set an example in your posts.
    • Be helpful to other users in the community. Moderators are often seen as the person to turn to when users run into a problem in the community, and moderators' activities are always seen in the Help board (Help: How toHelp: Ask ModHelp: Add This Profile) or their affiliated boards. Please try your best to avoid conflict of interests in moderation and never attack your member, for example, if a user you or your close friend are debating with violated a rule or a guideline, flag a report and leave it to other mods.
    • You have been recognized and trusted by the community and fellow moderators. I hope you will carry on the trustworthy team spirit. If you disagree with another moderator, feel free to talk with the mod directly (remember, be nice) or me.
    • To stay out of controversy, with the Moderator role, you are not allowed to advertise any kind of content or product without admin's approval. This includes but is not limited to: discord invite links, referral links, social media profiles or channels. This rule applies to all users as well.
Written and maintained by PDB users for PDB users.