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"Peas" are like "Likes" for PDB. It shows how much a user has contributed to the community for the 3 categories. A user can also lose "Peas". They are calculated by the "Peas" you have gained subtracted by "Peas" you have lost.

The 3 categories and how you can gain or lose "Peas" for each one:

Personality Analyst -

You can gain "Peas" for this category by:

Getting upvotes on your typology comments (Comments that are directly under a profile, and not in the community tab) 

Engaging in quality discussions

You will lose "Peas" if you:

Get downvotes on your typology comments

Downvote other people's typology comments


Community Inspirer -

You can gain "Peas" for this category by:

1. Engaging in quality discussions

2. Getting upvotes on your community posts

3. Upvote others (Don't know if you have to upvote community posts or typology comments for this one to get "Peas")

4. Being followed

You will lose "Peas" if you:

1. Downvote other's community posts

2. Get downvotes on your community posts


Database Builder -

You can gain "Peas" for this category by:

3. Earning trust as a moderator (Becoming a moderator)

4. Being on the site for a long time

5. Adding photos to a profile or editing a profile (You will only gain "Peas" if the changes were needed)

As far as I know, you can't lose "Peas" for Database Builder.

















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