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Discover BFFs with Pdb

Why Pdb is the perfect place to meet your BFFs?

Pdb members share common values - we're all about self-discovery and a deep understanding of the world.

Who will you find as your BFFs?

You can easily find your BFFs anytime by checking Nearby BFFs, BFFs who have saved the same profiles as you, and BFFs with a certain personality.

The elements

πŸ’  Personality

To update your MBTI flair, simply navigate to your user page, click on "Edit Profile," and select "Flairs."Β 

❀️‍πŸ”₯ Interests

You can add a profile or a profile list as an interest by saving it. For instance, if you save the profile list "Rick and Morty (2013)," it will be displayed as one of your interests.

πŸ”– Card

To create or edit your card, please visit

πŸ”’ Age
If your age is incorrect, follow these steps to correct it:

1. Go to Edit Profile
2. Go to Flairs
3. Click "Information incorrect" under Age

Each user has only one opportunity to reset their age. If it is discovered that you have provided false information about your age to appear as someone in a different age group, your account will be restricted from all Pdb services.
πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Region

Your region is automatically determined based on your device's region. If this information is incorrect, you can update your country by following these steps:

1. Go to Edit Profile > Edit Flair
2. Click the "Update Location" button

You can also hide your country by following these steps, but please note that you won't have access to new features if you do so:

1. Turn of IRL and Friend Finder from Settings > Bottom Navigation
2. Go to Edit Profiles, then Flairs, and choose to hide your age and country. (Make sure to update your app if this option is not available.)

⚧️ Pronouns

To specify your preferred pronouns, go to Edit Profile, then Flairs, and select Pronouns. If you identify as non-binary, you can choose They/Them as one of your pronoun options.

However, this method may not cover all possibilities, so you can also include your pronouns in your bio to better represent your individuality. We understand that not everyone identifies with traditional gender labels and respect all users' unique perspectives and pronoun choices.

🟒 Online Status

If you want to hide your online status, go to your user page and click "Hide online status." Please note that this is a premium feature.

I can't find the list...

You can access the list on the profile page, profile list page, category page, and personality page on our app. If you can't find it, it's possible that you've set your status to "not in the mood to socialize." You can change this by going to your inbox page and switching your status from πŸŒ™ to β˜€οΈ.


Written and maintained by PDB users for PDB users.