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AB5C as SLOAN types

Below are the IPIP items for the AB5C system, presented in the more familiar (to PDB users) SLOAN format. These sections are grouped by primary type (your score that is furthest from 50%). Each sub-category describes the combination of that primary SLOAN type with one of the other 8 big 5 traits, e.g. Social + limbic, Social + calm, Social + unorganised, etc. Refer to the relevant parts of your primary type in order to read the items that best describe you. For example, if you are |R|luXi, you should scroll down to the "Reserved" category and read the descriptions for Limbic, Unorganised and Inquisitive.


Social: Love parties and conversation.
Limbic: Talk excessively. Speak loud. Often the centre of attention. Noisy.
Calm: Comfortable around people and in unfamiliar situations. Have fun. Rarely embarrassed. Love life.
Unorganised: Wild and crazy. Self-revealing. Let themselves go. Share all their thoughts. Jokers. Joyful. Laugh a lot.
Organised: Take charge. Assertive. Natural leaders. Action and solution oriented. Stick up for themselves. Always busy. Know what they want.
Accommodating: Make friends easily. Emotionally open. Comfortable with others. Joyful and warm.
Egocentric: Not afraid to say anything. Happy to criticise others. Boastful. Bend the rules. Happy to be the centre of attention. Demanding.
Inquisitive: Take charge. Captivating. Loquacious. First to act.
Non-Curious: Need the company of others. Like being on the go or with a crowd.


Reserved: Don't talk much. Stay in the background. Quiet. Conceal their thoughts/feelings.
Limbic: Uncomfortable around others. Find it hard to approach others. Withdrawn. Not persevering. 
Calm: Speak softly. Don't like to talk about themselves.
Unorganised: Get pushed around. Not motivated. Do things slowly.
Organised: Seldom joke around. Tend to be formal towards strangers.
Egocentric: Hard to know. Private. Avoidant. Distant. Secretive.
Accommodating: Dislike confrontation. Wait their turn. Don't want to seem pushy.
Non-Curious: Have little to say. Struggle to express their feelings. Natural followers. Fear being the centre of attention.
Inquisitive: Like to be alone. Like peace and quiet. Don't like crowds. Not fond of neighbours. Amuse themselves. Do their own thing.


Accommodating: Sympathetic. Respectful. Interested in others. Like to help. Appreciate others opinions.
Social: Interested in people. Make people feel good/at-ease/welcome. Comforting. Interested in others. Make time for others. Grateful. Feel others' emotions.
Reserved: Prefer cooperation over competition. Listen to their conscience.
Limbic: Feel the sorrow of others. "Heart" over "head". Like children's movies. Want to please others. Remember birthdays. Cherish mementos. Want to be valued by others. Think crying makes them feel better. Show their feelings.
Calm: Easy to please. Speak well of others. On good terms with everyone. Trusting. Respectful.
Unorganised: Concerned for others. Moved by the misfortune of others. Sympathetic for those who are worse off. Interested in others. Do things for others. Reassuring.
Organised: Don't cheat on their taxes. Respect privacy. Seek harmony. Follow rules. Respect authority.
Non-Curious: Soft-hearted. Go above and beyond for others. Selfless. Will do anything for others. Like to please others. Wouldn't hurt a fly.
Inquisitive: Anticipate the needs of others. Sense others' wishes. Reflective. In touch with their feelings. Seek to better themselves.


Egocentric: Not concerned for others or their feelings. Not interested in other people's needs and problems. Don't make time for people.
Reserved: Not interested in others. Rarely smile.
Social: Impose their will on others. Enjoy/seek conflict. Prideful. Braggarts. Tricksters. Crude sense of humour. Indiscreet. Reckless.
Limbic: Hard to please. Judgmental. Insulting. Unforgiving. Contradict others. Criticise others.
Calm: Don't understand emotional people. Don't get excited. Don't call people just to talk. Don't care about dressing nicely.
Unorganised: Don't care for rules. Turn their back on others. Talk about themselves. Overestimate their achievements. Scheming. Act at the expense of others. Break rules
Organised: Demanding. Don't trust "sob-stories". "Head" over "heart". Dislike soft-hearted people. Don't think about the needy. Look down on weakness in others. Think people should fend for themselves.
Non-Curious: Feign concern. Don't have a soft side. Supercilious. Not in touch with their feelings.
Inquisitive: Make enemies. Oppose authority. Think they're better than others. Seek danger. Pressure others. Try to outdo others. Prefer not to rely on others.


Organised: Finish work on time. Follow plans. Avoid mistakes. Plan ahead. Return borrowed items.
Reserved: Only buy practical things. Dislike impulsive people. Take precautions. Don't splurge. Don't overspend.
Social: Exacting. Stick to plans. Finish chores early. Follow through with plans. Finish what they start.
Limbic: Perfectionists. Concerned with details. Want everything "just right". Want things to follow the plan. Demand perfection from others. Scrutinise the work of others. Expect dedicated work from others.
Calm: Always prepared. Carry out plans. Start work at once. Not easily distracted. Handle tasks smoothly.
Egocentric: Do things in logical order. Get straight to the point. Believe in a logical answer for everything. Get a head start on others. Dislike imperfect work. Believe in an eye for an eye. No sympathy for criminals. Highly logical.
Accommodating: Follow directions. Well-groomed. Double check their work. Well behaved. Follow rules. Appreciate good manners.
Non-Curious: Like order. Follow a schedule/routine. Tidy up. By the book. Take care of their belongings. Enforce rules.
Inquisitive: Pay attention to details. Complete tasks successfully. An eye for detail. Demand quality. Expect high standards. Think through their decisions. Follow through with their commitments. Detect mistakes. Think ahead.


Unorganised: Forget to put things back. Neglect their duties. Don't treat tasks seriously. Leave work unfinished. Don't plan ahead. Put off unpleasant tasks. Often late to work.
Reserved: Waste time. Find it hard to start work/tasks. Postpone decisions. Need a push to get started. Forgetful.
Social: Do crazy things. Make last-minute plans. Easily talked into doing silly things. Laugh at many things. Act on whims. Jump in without thinking.
Limbic: Make a mess. Easily distracted. Shirk duties. Don't see things through. Do things at the last minute. Can't make their minds up.
Calm: Not bothered by messy people. Not bothered by disorder.
Egocentric: Behave improperly. Disregard rules. Do the opposite of what is asked. Don't care about their appearance. Think laws don't apply to them. Make rash decisions. Say inappropriate things.
Accommodating: Sympathise with the homeless. Not strict. Credulous. Their attention wanders. Favour rehabilitation over punishment.
Non-Curious: Seldom notice details. Put little time and effort into work. Don't pay attention.
Inquisitive: Leave things lying around. Their room is a mess. Dislike routines.


Limbic: Get stressed out easily. Get upset easily. Easily disturbed. Changeable moods. Fixate on problems.
Reserved: Often feel blue. Worry. Feel threatened. Self-loathing. Filled with doubt.
Social: Demand attention. React intensely. Talk when they know they shouldn't. Make a fuss. Indiscreet. Easily excited. Blurt out whatever's in their head. Barge in on conversations. Gossip.
Unorganised: Guided by their moods. Not sure where their life is going. Don't know why they do some things. Out of control. Can't concentrate. Do things they regret.
Organised: Want things perfect. Demand obedience. Pretend nothing is wrong. Love order. Conventional. Want things their way. Creature of habit. Try to impress others. Can't stand being contradicted. Want to be told they are right.
Egocentric: Get angry easily. Often in a bad mood. Sometimes furious. Snap at people. Lose their temper. Generally ill-tempered.
Accommodating: Overwhelmed by emotion. Cry often. Cry during movies. Wear their heart on their sleeve.
Non-Curious: Take offense easily. Panic easily. Easily hurt. Crushed by setbacks. Overwhelmed by events. Easily frightened. Easily confused.
Inquisitive: Intense emotions. Mood swings. Swayed by emotion.


Calm: Seldom get mad. Not bothered by things. Not easily frustrated. Rarely take offense. Remain cool-headed.
Reserved: Keep emotions under control. Let others finish speaking.
Social: Seldom feel blue. Comfortable with themselves. Adapt easily to new situations. Look on the bright side. Self-assured.
Unorganised: [No items].
Organised: Remain calm under pressure. Resist temptations. Rarely overindulge. Control their cravings.
Egocentric: Rarely emotional. Not affected by emotions.
Accommodating: Rarely irritated. Not easily annoyed. Take things as they come. Accept people.
Non-Curious: Experience few highs and lows. Feel the same every day. Always in the same mood. Rarely notice their own emotional reactions. Relaxed. Not disturbed by events.
Inquisitive: Calm in tense situations. Don't lose their heads. Know how to cope. Can stand criticism.


Inquisitive: Rich vocabulary. Use difficult words. Make insightful remarks. Show mastery of language. Enjoy thinking about things. Try to understand themselves.
Reserved: Spend time in reflection. Spend time on their own. Live in their own world. Enjoy privacy. Don't mind eating alone. Do things at their own pace. Enjoy contemplation. Prefer being alone.
Social: Full of ideas. Have good ideas. Carry the conversation to a higher level. Have bold plans. Quick think up new ideas. Good at many things.
Limbic: Look for hidden meanings. Get lost in thought. Think deeply about things. Need to understand their motives. Analytical. Can think about something for hours. Enjoy self-examination.
Calm: Can handle complex problems. Quick to understand or "catch on" or "get the idea".. Like to read challenging material. Find things out on their own. Can handle a lot of information. 
Unorganised: Vivid imagination. Prefer variety to routine. Believe art is important. Enjoy wild flights of fantasy. Need a creative outlet.
Organised: Learn quickly. Brainy. Tend to excel. Fact-oriented. Rise to challenges. Seek explanations. 
Egocentric: Like to solve complex problems. Ask questions that no-one else does. Know the answers to many questions. Challenge others' point of view. Link facts together.
Accommodating: See beauty in things others may not notice. Take time to reflect on things. Make beautiful things. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Like to discuss books and movies with others. Like music. Love flowers.


Non-Curious: Not interested in abstract ideas. Won't look deeply into a subject. Poor vocabulary. Dislike learning. Skip difficult words when reading.
Reserved: Poor imagination. Can't think up new ideas.
Social: Can't stand being alone. Don't like to ponder things.
Limbic: Avoid difficult reading material and complex people. Don't try to understand things.
Calm: Rarely look for a deeper meaning. Never challenge things.
Unorganised: [No items].
Organised: Do not enjoy art/poetry/museums. Seldom daydream or get lost in thought.
Egocentric: Don't enjoy concerts or dance performances.
Accommodating: Have difficulty understanding abstract ideas. Avoid philosophical/theoretical discussions. Consider themselves to be average. Not interested in speculating about things.

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