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NEO Domains

This is a version of the NEO (both are the work of Costa & McCrae) that tries to summarise the big 5 traits without breaking them down into sub traits (facets). The following brief descriptions are derived from the 10 item (per trait) version of this system:


High Scorers: Feel comfortable around others. Make friends easily. Socially Skilled. "Life of the party". Captivating.
Low Scorers: Not talkative. Stay in the background. Describe their life as dull. Don't like to draw attention to themselves.


High Scorers: Often feel down or blue. Dislike themselves. Have mood swings. Panic.
Low Scorers: Rarely blue. Rarely irritated. Comfortable or "pleased" with themselves. Not bothered by things.


High Scorers: Always prepared. Pay attention to detail. Complete chores and tasks promptly. Stick to their plans.
Low Scorers: Waste time. Struggle to start work then do only enough to get by. Leave things unfinished. Shirk their duties.


High Scorers: Speak well of others. Believe others are well intentioned. Respectful. Accepting. Make others feel at ease.
Low Scorers: Sharp tongued. Adversarial. Suspicious of others. Vengeful. Insulting.


High Scorers: Believe art is important. Vivid imagination. Tend to vote liberal. Shift conversations to lofty topics. Interested in new ideas.
Low Scorers: Don't care for art, art museums or abstract ideas. Avoid philosophical discussion. Tend to vote conservative.

NEO Domains Key (

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