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Listed below are the facets that comprise the trait Agreeableness according to the IPIP.

A1: Trust
High Scorers: Trusting. Regard others as good, moral and well-intentioned. 
Low Scorers: Wary, suspicious and distrustful. Do not believe that others are moral and well intentioned.

A2: Morality
High Scorers: Tend to follow rules and dislike cheating.
Low Scorers: Manipulative. Cheat and bend rules. Obstruct, pressure and take advantage of others. May feign sympathy.

A3: Altruism
High Scorers: Make others feel welcome. Anticipate the needs of others and show concern. Helpful.
Low Scorers: Look down on others. Don't care if they make others uncomfortable. Not generous with their time.

A4: Cooperation
High Scorers: "I don't mind either way". Don't want to be confrontational or pushy.
Low Scorers: Sharp tongued. Contrarian. Confrontational. Vengeful.

A5: Modesty
High Scorers: Disinclined to brag about themselves. Believe they are fairly average.
Low Scorers: Think they are better than others. Inclined to brag about being virtuous or knowledgeable.

A6: Sympathy
High Scorers: Sympathetic, especially towards those who are worse off.
Low Scorers: Not interested in people's problems. Not soft-hearted. "An eye for an eye". Disinclined to assist the weak and the needy.

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