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Neuroticism (L/C)

High Scorers: Limbic
Low Scorers: Calm


N1: Anxiety
High Scorers: Worry. Fearful. Stressed out.
Low Scorers: Relaxed. Not bothered. Unperturbed. Don't worry.

N2: Anger
High Scorers: Irritable. Quick to anger. Easily upset. Ill-tempered.
Low Scorers: Rarely irritated, angry or annoyed. Cool-headed.

N3: Depression
High Scorers: Feel "blue" or "down". Dislike themselves. Feel their life is directionless and hopeless.
Low Scorers: Do not feel "blue". Feel "comfortable" or "pleased" with themselves.

N4: Self-Consciousness
High Scorers: Easily intimidated. Worried they'll "do the wrong thing". Shy. Uncomfortable with others but (probably) comfortable with friends. Feel awkward during conversation.
Low Scorers: Not easily embarrassed. Comfortable in difficult and unfamiliar social situations. Can stand up for themselves.

N5: Immoderation
High Scorers: Can overindulge in eating and drinking. Do things they regret.
Low Scorers: Do not over-indulge. Resist temptation. Control cravings. Do not over-spend.

N6: Vulnerability
High Scorers: Tend to panic and feel overwhelmed. Indecisive.
Low Scorers: Calm during tense and high pressure situations. Cope with problems. Overcome setbacks.

NEO Domains

High Scorers: Often feel down or blue. Dislike themselves. Have mood swings. Panic.
Low Scorers: Rarely blue. Rarely irritated. Comfortable or "pleased" with themselves. Not bothered by things.


High Scorers: Can easily become angry, upset or agitated. Highly changeable moods.
Low Scorers: Rarely irritated or annoyed. Composed and controlled.

High Scorers: Beset by feelings of doubt, fear and worry. Often feel threatened, overwhelmed or discouraged.
Low Scorers: Rarely feel depressed or embarrassed. Comfortable with themselves.


[In HEXACO, this trait is called "Emotionality"]

High Scorers: Cowardly. Tremble or panic when in danger. Worry about being mugged. Wary of participating in extreme sports.
Low Scorers: Get a kick out of frightening or dangerous situations. Think they would be good at rescuing others in danger. Risk-takers.

High Scorers: Worry about unimportant things. Become stressed. Upset by unpleasant thoughts. Panic.
Low Scorers: Rarely worry. Seldom depressed. Not easily disturbed. Calm under pressure. Don't worry about what's in the past.

High Scorers: Need to be reassured. Easily influenced. Seek approval. Need protection. Need help. Don't conceal their sadness. Seek support. Want to be liked.

High Scorers: Feel others' emotions. Feel sad when hearing sad news. Cry during movies. Sensitive to the needs of others. Moved by the misfortune of others.
Low Scorers: Don't cry during sad movies or when reading sad novels. Not bothered by the suffering of strangers. Alienated by displays of emotion. Rarely become emotional.


Limbic: Get stressed out easily. Get upset easily. Easily disturbed. Changeable moods. Fixate on problems.
Reserved: Often feel blue. Worry. Feel threatened. Self-loathing. Filled with doubt.
Social: Demand attention. React intensely. Talk when they know they shouldn't. Make a fuss. Indiscreet. Easily excited. Blurt out whatever's in their head. Barge in on conversations. Gossip.
Unorganised: Guided by their moods. Not sure where their life is going. Don't know why they do some things. Out of control. Can't concentrate. Do things they regret.
Organised: Want things perfect. Demand obedience. Pretend nothing is wrong. Love order. Conventional. Want things their way. Creature of habit. Try to impress others. Can't stand being contradicted. Want to be told they are right.
Egocentric: Get angry easily. Often in a bad mood. Sometimes furious. Snap at people. Lose their temper. Generally ill-tempered.
Accommodating: Overwhelmed by emotion. Cry often. Cry during movies. Wear their heart on their sleeve.
Non-Curious: Take offense easily. Panic easily. Easily hurt. Crushed by setbacks. Overwhelmed by events. Easily frightened. Easily confused.
Inquisitive: Intense emotions. Mood swings. Swayed by emotion.


Calm: Seldom get mad. Not bothered by things. Not easily frustrated. Rarely take offense. Remain cool-headed.
Reserved: Keep emotions under control. Let others finish speaking.
Social: Seldom feel blue. Comfortable with themselves. Adapt easily to new situations. Look on the bright side. Self-assured.
Unorganised: [No items].
Organised: Remain calm under pressure. Resist temptations. Rarely overindulge. Control their cravings.
Egocentric: Rarely emotional. Not affected by emotions.
Accommodating: Rarely irritated. Not easily annoyed. Take things as they come. Accept people.
Non-Curious: Experience few highs and lows. Feel the same every day. Always in the same mood. Rarely notice their own emotional reactions. Relaxed. Not disturbed by events.
Inquisitive: Calm in tense situations. Don't lose their heads. Know how to cope. Can stand criticism.

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