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Listed below are the facets that comprise the trait Neuroticism according to the IPIP.

N1: Anxiety
High Scorers: Worry. Fearful. Stressed out.
Low Scorers: Relaxed. Not bothered. Unperturbed. Don't worry.

N2: Anger
High Scorers: Irritable. Quick to anger. Easily upset. Ill-tempered.
Low Scorers: Rarely irritated, angry or annoyed. Cool-headed.

N3: Depression
High Scorers: Feel "blue" or "down". Dislike themselves. Feel their life is directionless and hopeless.
Low Scorers: Do not feel "blue". Feel "comfortable" or "pleased" with themselves.

N4: Self-Consciousness
High Scorers: Easily intimidated. Worried they'll "do the wrong thing". Shy. Uncomfortable with others but (probably) comfortable with friends. Feel awkward during conversation.
Low Scorers: Not easily embarrassed. Comfortable in difficult and unfamiliar social situations. Can stand up for themselves.

N5: Immoderation
High Scorers: Can overindulge in eating and drinking. Do things they regret.
Low Scorers: Do not over-indulge. Resist temptation. Control cravings. Do not over-spend.

N6: Vulnerability
High Scorers: Tend to panic and feel overwhelmed. Indecisive.
Low Scorers: Calm during tense and high pressure situations. Cope with problems. Overcome setbacks.

NEO Facets Key (

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