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How the Big 5 relates to each MBTI type

[Article based on data from PDB, early 2023]

This article will take the same form as the Enneagram article and will use the same method. PDB traits polls will be used once again as the resource, for the following reasons:

1. Relative absence of Barnum statements.
2. The trait-based, lexical focus of these polls is easily compatible with the methodology of the big 5.
3. Unflattering descriptions are accessible. These are an essential tool for building a balanced picture of personality traits, but they are omitted from most typological resources.

Traits may appear twice, if they appear to be a mix of two big 5 traits. Traits that do not directly correlate with any big 5 trait will be omitted. Only the polls with the most votes will be used. Qualified traits (e.g. "Humble (Extraverts)") will mostly not be used, but may be used for some of the MBTI types that have not won many trait polls.


Low O: Realistic. Concrete.
High C: Confident.
Low C: Undisciplined. Reckless.
High E: Thrill seeking. Active. Physically Dominant.
Low A: Insensitive. Dangerous. Savage. Immoral. Disloyal. Impatient. Belligerent. Disobedient. Cocky. Foul-Mouthed. Exploitative. Crude. Treacherous.
High N: Prone to addiction. Hot-Blooded.
Low N: Brave. Fearless. Bold. Courageous.

O: -2
C: -1
E: 3
A: -13
N: -2

Summary: The main trait here is low A. The other traits are pretty moderate.


High O: Adventurous. Free spirited.
Low O: Himbo. Lowbrow
Low C: Impulsive. Careless. Imprudent. Spontaneous.
High E: Attention Seeking. Happy. Energetic. Hedonistic. Fun. Histrionic. Loud. Sassy. Noisy. Flamboyant. Restless. Fun-loving. Euphoric.
Low A: Catty. Prima Donna.
High N: Gluttonous. Capricious. Reactive.
Low N: Carefree.

O: 0
C: -4
E: 13
A: -2
N: 2

Summary: The main trait is high E. Low C is somewhat notable.


High O: Academic. Studious.
Low O: Conservative. Closed Minded. Traditional. Uninterested. Puritanical. Old-fashioned.
High C: Perfectionist. Persistent. Cautious. Competent. Organised. Focused. Mature. Self-Controlled. Punctual. Disciplined. Attentive. Diligent. Consistent. Dutiful. Conscientious. Enduring. Responsible. Meticulous. Reliable. Predictable. Precise.
Low E: Serious. Robotic. Inexpressive. Dry. Formal.
High A: Honest. Unpretentious. Just. Honourable.
Low A: Fault-Finding. Stingy.
High N: Pessimistic. Bitter. Compulsive. 
Low N: Balanced.

O: -1
C: 21
E: -5
A: 2
N: 2

Summary: High C is totally dominant. Extraversion is slightly low.


Low O: Uncreative. Simple. Conventional.
High C: Clean. Careful. Dedicated. Healthy.
Low C: Unambitious.
Low E: Soft spoken. Demure.
High A: Agreeable. Nice. Loyal. Submissive. Gentle. Kind. Patient. Apologetic. Humble. Ethical. Obedient. Wholesome. Appreciative. Protective. Polite. Considerate. Sweet. Faithful. Good-natured. Devoted. Trusting. Modest. Nurturing. Chivalrous. Respectful. Courteous. Merciful. Grateful.
High N: Anxious. Fearful. Stressed. Nervous. Dependent. Apprehensive.
Low N: Peaceful. Content.

O: -3
C: 3
E: -2
A: 28
N: 4

Summary: Totally dominated by High A.


Low O: Absolutist. Patriotic. Pragmatic. Practical. Realist. No Nonsense.
High C: Efficient. Hardworking. Resilient. Productive.
High E: Forceful.
Low A: Aggressive. Authoritarian. Critical. Demanding. Dogmatic. Intolerant. Tough-Minded. Opinionated. Judgmental. Entitled. Strict. Snobby. Domineering. Spiteful. Firm. Resistant. Uncompromising. Nitpicking. Hard Headed.  
High N: Angry. Mad. Petulant.

O: -6
C: 4
E: 1
A: -19
N: 3

Summary: Dominated by low agreeableness. Openness also appears to be fairly low.


High O: Heretic.
High C: Ambitious. Strong willed. Result-oriented. Power-Hungry. Goal-oriented. Motivated. Successful. Tough as nails.
High E: Dominant. Assertive.
High A: Fair. Direct. Straightforward.
Low A: Arrogant. Abrasive. Competitive. Elitist. Blunt. Machiavellian. Proud. Cruel. Brutal. Egoistic. Ungrateful. Guiltless. Brash. Unapologetic. Harsh. Neglectful of feelings. Menacing.
Low N: Decisive.

O: 1
C: 8
E: 2
A: -17
N: -1

Summary: Like ESTJ (both Te dom), low agreeableness is the standout trait. Conscientiousness is quite high.


High O: Resourceful.
Low O: Down to Earth. Tasteless.
High C: Skillful. Mastering. Problem-solver. Self-Sufficient.
Low E: Uncommunicative. Quiet. Emotionally unexpressive. Silent. Laconic.
Low A: Antisocial. Disagreeable.
Low N: Apathetic. Calm. Stoic. Chill. Nonchalant. Laid back. Unemotional. Relaxed. Casual. Tough. Cool. Unreactive. Hard to provoke. Self-Contained.

O: -1
C: 4
E: -5
A: -2
N: -14

Summary: Very low neuroticism. Extraversion is slightly low. Conscientiousness appears to be slightly high, which runs contrary to the convention of equating perceiving to High C.


High O: Intelligent. Brilliant but lazy. Analytical. Complex. Scientific. Nerd. Intellectual. Weird. Knowledgeable. Philosophical. Truth-seeking. Original. Conceptual. Inquisitive. Theoretical. 
Low C: Lazy. Absentminded. Brilliant but lazy. Indifferent. Messy. Unmotivated. Oblivious. Slothful. Lethargic. Slob. Inactive.
High E: Verbose.
Low E: Hard to read. Detached. Speechless. Geeky. Energy saving. Lonely.
High A: Reasonable. Truthful. 
Low A: Solipsistic. 
High N: Awkward. Socially-Awkward. Overthinker.
Low N: Dispassionate. Even-Tempered.

O: 15
C: -11
E: -5
A: 1
N: 1

Summary: Very high openness. Very low conscientiousness. Extraversion is only slightly low.


High O: Imaginative (XSXJ).
Low O: Normie. Conformist. Ignorant.
High E: Sociable. Socially Extraverted. Optimistic. Talkative. Communicative. Easy to read. Demonstrative.
High A: Selfless. Altruistic. Accommodating. Cooperative. Caring. Generous. Open. Tactful. Easy to please. Prosocial. Loving. Easy to Peer Pressure. Patient (Extraverts). Humble (Extraverts). Loyal (Extravert). 
Low A: Contradictory. Petty. Nagging. Patronizing.
High N: Overreactive. Panicky. Sheepish.

O: -2
C: 0
E: 7
A: 11
N: 3

Summary: High agreeableness, although there are also indicators of low agreeableness. Conscientiousness seems to be completely irrelevant. High extraversion.


High O: Artistic. Anti-Mainstream (Sensors). Creative (Sensors). Imaginative (Sensors). Complex (Sensors). Poetical (sensors).
Low C: Absentminded (Sensors).
High E: Energetic (Introverts). Active (Introvert).
Low E: Quiet (Feelers).
High A: Honest (Feelers). Lenient.
Low A: Rebellious (Introvert).
High N: Edgy. Edgy (Sensors). Fearful (SP). Dark (Feelers).
Low N: Easygoing (Introverts). Mellow.

O: 6
C: -1
E: 1
A: 1
N: 2

Summary: Very little data available for this type. Standout trait seems to be High O, primarily in regard to artistic inclinations.


High O: Abstract. Wise. Good at philosophic talk. Spiritual. Insightful. Complicated. Mystical. Contemplative. Reflective. Perceptive. Analytical (feelers). Liberal (Judgers). Intellectual (Feelers). Eloquent (Introvert).
High C: Ascetic. 
Low C: Disorganised (Judgers). Lazy (Judgers).
High E: Inspirational. Persuasive (Introverts). Charismatic (Introverts).
Low E: Mysterious. Deep.
High A: Protector of Secrets. Loyal (Intuitives).
Low A: Self-Righteous.
High N: Overthinker (Judger).
Low N: Tranquil. Chill (Judgers). Phlegmatic (Feelers).

O: 14
C: -1
E: 1
A: 1
N: -2

Summary: Basically just High Openness.


High O: Cultured. Eloquent.
High E: Charismatic. Charming. Smiley. Persuasive. Inspiring. Good at Networking. Motivational.
High A: Empathetic. Affectionate. Benevolent. Humanitarian. Forgiving. Helpful. Diplomatic. Supportive. Sacrificial. Noble. Reassuring. Harmonious. Fatherly.
Low A: Preachy.
High N: Touchy.
Low N: Valiant. Poised.

O: 2
C: 0
E: 7
A: 12
N: -1


High O: Idealistic. Individualistic. Introspective. Unique. Non-Materialistic. One of a Kind. Idiosyncratic.
High E: Wordy. Prolix.
Low E: Avoidant. Introspective.
High A: Romantic. Gullible. Soft-Natured. Moral. Meek. Tolerant. Virtuous. Self-Deprecating.
Low A: Self-Absorbed.
High N: Shy. Sensitive. Self-Critical. Vulnerable. Emotional. Nostalgic. Timid. Brooding. Bashful. Moody. Guilt-Prone. Overemotional. Self-Loathing. Heartbroken. Gloomy. Desperate. Turbulent. Resentful. Most feeling. Sentimental.

O: 7
C: 0
E: 0
A: 7
N: 20

Summary: This is clearly the most neurotic MBTI type. Openness and agreeableness are both fairly high.


High O: Creative. Imaginative. Eccentric. Quirky. Unconventional. Zany. Cosmopolitan. Daydreamer (Extraverts). Deep (Extraverts). Poetic (Extraverts).
Low C: Accident-prone. Distracted. Forgetful. Random. Confused. Silly. Tardy. Unprofessional. Unpunctual.
High E: Dramatic. Encouraging. Hopeful. Enthusiastic. Jolly. Funny (Feelers).
High A: Accepting. Non-Judgmental.
High N: Crazy. Excitable. Unbalanced.

O: 10
C: -9
E: 6
A: 2
N: 3

Summary: High openness. Low C. Slightly high E.


High O: Anti-Traditionalist. Curious. Open-Minded. Articulate. Contrarian. Clever. Unpatriotic. Inventive. Innovative. Maverick. Quick-Witted. Cinephile. Neophile.
Low C: Chaotic. Irresponsible. Unpredictable. Dilettantish. Scrappy.
High E: Funny. Witty.
Low A: Argumentative. Rebellious. Sarcastic. Cunning. Deceptive. Mischievous. Provocative. Sly. Devious.

O: 13
C: -5
E: 2
A: -9
N: 0

Summary: Very high O (though not intellectual). Low A. Low C (mostly of a kind that involves causing trouble).


High O: Independent. Anti-Mainstream. Know-it-all. Determinist. Cerebral. Iconoclastic. Futuristic. Prodigy. Educated. Sophisticated. Visionary. Shrewd. Scholarly. Incisive. Highbrow. Intricate.
High C: Strategic. Selective. Discreet. Prudent.
High E: Pretentious.
Low E: Socially Introverted. Aloof. Distant. Private. Solitary. Secretive. Isolated. Reserved.
High A: Sincere. Discreet.
Low A: Misanthropic. Vengeful. Calculating. Prideful. Ironic. Sneaky. Snarky. Suspicious. Acerbic. Snobbish. Uncooperative. Self Serious. Sinister.
High N: Dark. Obsessive. Fatalistic.

O: 16
C: 4
E: -7
A: -11
N: 3

Summary: Very high openness (mostly pertaining to intelligence). Very low agreeableness (plotting/scheming). Low E.

Big 5 Primary

Social: ESFP.
Reserved: INTJ scored lowest.
Limbic: INFP.
Calm: ISTP.
Organised: ISTJ.
Unorganised: INTP scored lowest.
Accommodating: ISFJ. ESFJ. ENFJ.
Egocentric: ESTP. ESTJ. ENTJ.
Non-Curious: ESTJ scored lowest.

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