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Conscientiousness (O/U)

High Scorers: Organised
Low Scorers: Unorganised


C1: Self-Efficacy
High Scorers: Complete tasks successfully. Tend to excel in their endeavours. Self-assured. Find good solutions.
Low Scorers: Can tend to misjudge and misunderstand situations. Struggle to foresee consequences. May not feel useful.

C2: Orderliness
High Scorers: Like order, regularity and tidiness. Meticulous. Follow plans.
Low Scorers: Forget to put things back. Create mess and disorder and are not bothered by others who do the same.

C3: Dutifulness
High Scorers: Follow rules. Keep promises. Pay bills on time. Tell the truth. Listen to their conscience.
Low Scorers: Break rules and promises. Get others to do their duties for them. Do not follow instructions. Flexible with the truth.

C4: Achievement-Striving
High Scorers: Oriented around pursuing goals and taking action. Industrious. "Go the extra mile". Expect exemplary performance from themselves and others.
Low Scorers: Not highly motivated. Just try to "get by" with minimal effort. 

C5: Self-Discipline
High Scorers: Complete tasks promptly. Always prepared. See plans through.
Low Scorers: Struggle to get started on work. Waste time. Postpone decisions.

C6: Cautiousness
High Scorers: Avoid mistakes. Careful with words. Stick to their plans.
Low Scorers: Rash. Do not consider for long before acting. Spontaneous. Make last-minute plans.

NEO Domains

High Scorers: Always prepared. Pay attention to detail. Complete chores and tasks promptly. Stick to their plans.
Low Scorers: Waste time. Struggle to start work then do only enough to get by. Leave things unfinished. Shirk their duties.


High Scorers: Accomplish their plans and do so in a timely fashion. Self-assured in their competence.
Low Scorers: Waste time. Procrastinate. Make mistakes. Don't concentrate. Become distracted.

High Scorers: Like order, tidiness and routines. Enforce rules. Precise.
Low Scorers: Leave things lying around. Not bothered by messiness and disorder. Dislike routines.


High Scorers: Tidy. Finish chores promptly. Prefer order. Want things to be "just right".
Low Scorers: Have messy rooms. Leave their belongings around. Don't finish what they start. Forget to put things back. Not bothered by disorder.

High Scorers: Work hard to succeed. Start work easily. Exacting. Complete tasks.
Low Scorers: Do just enough to get by. Stop when things become too difficult. Don't do enough work. "Do nothing". Lose interest in tasks.

High Scorers: Pay attention to details. Attain perfection. Have an eye for detail. Take care of every detail. Dislike imperfection. Detect mistakes. Insist on quality.
Low Scorers: Don't pay attention to details. Just "let things happen".

High Scorers: Avoid mistakes. Stick to their plans.
Low Scorers: Jump in without thinking. Make rash decisions. Behave impulsively when bothered. Make careless mistakes. Don't know why they behave the way they do. Act foolishly.


Organised: Finish work on time. Follow plans. Avoid mistakes. Plan ahead. Return borrowed items.
Reserved: Only buy practical things. Dislike impulsive people. Take precautions. Don't splurge. Don't overspend.
Social: Exacting. Stick to plans. Finish chores early. Follow through with plans. Finish what they start.
Limbic: Perfectionists. Concerned with details. Want everything "just right". Want things to follow the plan. Demand perfection from others. Scrutinise the work of others. Expect dedicated work from others.
Calm: Always prepared. Carry out plans. Start work at once. Not easily distracted. Handle tasks smoothly.
Egocentric: Do things in logical order. Get straight to the point. Believe in a logical answer for everything. Get a head start on others. Dislike imperfect work. Believe in an eye for an eye. No sympathy for criminals. Highly logical.
Accommodating: Follow directions. Well-groomed. Double check their work. Well behaved. Follow rules. Appreciate good manners.
Non-Curious: Like order. Follow a schedule/routine. Tidy up. By the book. Take care of their belongings. Enforce rules.
Inquisitive: Pay attention to details. Complete tasks successfully. An eye for detail. Demand quality. Expect high standards. Think through their decisions. Follow through with their commitments. Detect mistakes. Think ahead.


Unorganised: Forget to put things back. Neglect their duties. Don't treat tasks seriously. Leave work unfinished. Don't plan ahead. Put off unpleasant tasks. Often late to work.
Reserved: Waste time. Find it hard to start work/tasks. Postpone decisions. Need a push to get started. Forgetful.
Social: Do crazy things. Make last-minute plans. Easily talked into doing silly things. Laugh at many things. Act on whims. Jump in without thinking.
Limbic: Make a mess. Easily distracted. Shirk duties. Don't see things through. Do things at the last minute. Can't make their minds up.
Calm: Not bothered by messy people. Not bothered by disorder.
Egocentric: Behave improperly. Disregard rules. Do the opposite of what is asked. Don't care about their appearance. Think laws don't apply to them. Make rash decisions. Say inappropriate things.
Accommodating: Sympathise with the homeless. Not strict. Credulous. Their attention wanders. Favour rehabilitation over punishment.
Non-Curious: Seldom notice details. Put little time and effort into work. Don't pay attention.
Inquisitive: Leave things lying around. Their room is a mess. Dislike routines.

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