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Openness (to experience)

Listed below are the facets that comprise the trait Openness according to the IPIP.

O1: Imagination
High Scorers: Vivid imagination. Flights of fantasy. Often reflecting or lost in thought.
Low Scorers: Do not daydream or become lost in thought. Do not have a strong imagination.

O2: Artistic Interests
High Scorers: Believe art is important. Enjoy music. Notice beauty, especially in nature.
Low Scorers: Do not enjoy: Art, poetry, museums, concerts, dance performances.

O3: Emotionality
High Scorers: Experience intense emotions and also feel the emotions of others. Passionate about causes. Try to understand themselves.
Low Scorers: Unemotional and unaware of their emotions. Struggle to understand emotional people.

O4: Adventurousness
High Scorers: Prefer variety to routine. Diverse interests. Like to visit new places and try new things.
Low Scorers: Conventional. Creatures of habit. Dislike change and stick to what they know.

O5: Intellect
High scorers: Enjoy thinking, solving complex problems and reading challenging material. Can handle a lot of information. Have a rich vocabulary.
Low Scorers: Uninterested in and can struggle with abstraction, philosophy and theory. Avoid difficult reading material.

O6: Liberalism
High scorers: Politically liberal (progressive). Believe in moral relativism. Prefer criminals to be rehabilitated rather than punished.
Low scorers: Tend to believe (if religious) that theirs is the only "true" faith. Politically conservative. Opposed to subsidies for the Arts. "Tough on crime". Patriotic.

NEO Facets Key (

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