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Extraversion (S/R)

High Scorers: Social
Low Scorers: Reserved


E1: Friendliness
High Scorers: Make friends easily. Warm. Comfortable around others. Raise the spirits of others.
Low Scorers: Hard to get to know. Uncomfortable around and uninterested in others. Avoidant and distant.

E2: Gregariousness
High Scorers: Love parties and group activities. Like to get others involved.
Low Scorers: Avoid crowds. Prefer quiet and solitude.

E3: Assertiveness
High Scorers: Take charge. Inclined to lead others. Persuasive and influential.
Low Scorers: Let others lead. Stay in the background. Don't say much. Avoid drawing attention to themselves.

E4: Activity Level
High Scorers: Constantly busy and active, even in their spare time. Good multi-taskers. React quickly.
Low Scorers: Take things slow and easy. React slowly.

E5: Excitement-Seeking
High Scorers: Seek out action, adventure and excitement. Enjoy reckless, wild and dangerous activities. 
Low Scorers: Not drawn to extreme sports. Dislike loud music.

E6: Cheerfulness
High Scorers: Fun and joyful. Positive. Amuse others. Laugh aloud.
Low Scorers: Not easily amused. Not fond of "joking around".

NEO Domains

High Scorers: Feel comfortable around others. Make friends easily. Socially Skilled. "Life of the party". Captivating.
Low Scorers: Not talkative. Stay in the background. Describe their life as dull. Don't like to draw attention to themselves.


High Scorers: Warm and friendly. Have fun and laugh a lot. Their happiness is conspicuous.
Low Scorers: Hard to get to know. Distant. Not excitable or enthusiastic.

High Scorers: Take charge. Charismatic and captivating. Happy to lead others. Persuasive. Pro-active.
Low Scorers: Not assertive. Not good at influencing others. Prefer to follow others. Hold their opinions.


High Scorers: Talk a lot. Never at a loss for words. Life of the party. Let others know when they're annoyed. Laugh loudly.
Low Scorers: Don't talk much. Don't draw attention. Bottle up feelings. Speak softly.

Social Boldness
High Scorers: Can make impromptu speeches. Don't mind being the centre of attention. Comfortable around others. Natural leaders. Strong personality.
Low Scorers: Afraid of public speaking. Stay in the background. Find it hard to approach others. Don't want to be the centre of attention. Have little to say.

High Scorers: Spend their free time with people. Talk to many people at parties. Love to chat. Make friends easily. Enjoy being part of a group.
Low Scorers: Less likely to enjoy interacting with others. Avoid jobs that require social interaction. Hard to get to know. Keep others at a distance.

High Scorers: High energy levels. Great stamina. Active. Smile and laugh a lot. Have fun.
Low Scorers: Get tired easily. Often feel blue.


Social: Love parties and conversation.
Limbic: Talk excessively. Speak loud. Often the centre of attention. Noisy.
Calm: Comfortable around people and in unfamiliar situations. Have fun. Rarely embarrassed. Love life.
Unorganised: Wild and crazy. Self-revealing. Let themselves go. Share all their thoughts. Jokers. Joyful. Laugh a lot.
Organised: Take charge. Assertive. Natural leaders. Action and solution oriented. Stick up for themselves. Always busy. Know what they want.
Accommodating: Make friends easily. Emotionally open. Comfortable with others. Joyful and warm.
Egocentric: Not afraid to say anything. Happy to criticise others. Boastful. Bend the rules. Happy to be the centre of attention. Demanding.
Inquisitive: Take charge. Captivating. Loquacious. First to act.
Non-Curious: Need the company of others. Like being on the go or with a crowd.


Reserved: Don't talk much. Stay in the background. Quiet. Conceal their thoughts/feelings.
Limbic: Uncomfortable around others. Find it hard to approach others. Withdrawn. Not persevering. 
Calm: Speak softly. Don't like to talk about themselves.
Unorganised: Get pushed around. Not motivated. Do things slowly.
Organised: Seldom joke around. Tend to be formal towards strangers.
Egocentric: Hard to know. Private. Avoidant. Distant. Secretive.
Accommodating: Dislike confrontation. Wait their turn. Don't want to seem pushy.
Non-Curious: Have little to say. Struggle to express their feelings. Natural followers. Fear being the centre of attention.
Inquisitive: Like to be alone. Like peace and quiet. Don't like crowds. Not fond of neighbours. Amuse themselves. Do their own thing.

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