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Agreeableness (A/E)

High Scorers: Accommodating
Low Scorers: Egocentric


A1: Trust
High Scorers: Trusting. Regard others as good, moral and well-intentioned. 
Low Scorers: Wary, suspicious and distrustful. Do not believe that others are moral and well intentioned.

A2: Morality
High Scorers: Tend to follow rules and dislike cheating.
Low Scorers: Manipulative. Cheat and bend rules. Obstruct, pressure and take advantage of others. May feign sympathy.

A3: Altruism
High Scorers: Make others feel welcome. Anticipate the needs of others and show concern. Helpful.
Low Scorers: Look down on others. Don't care if they make others uncomfortable. Not generous with their time.

A4: Cooperation
High Scorers: "I don't mind either way". Don't want to be confrontational or pushy.
Low Scorers: Sharp tongued. Contrarian. Confrontational. Vengeful.

A5: Modesty
High Scorers: Disinclined to brag about themselves. Believe they are fairly average.
Low Scorers: Think they are better than others. Inclined to brag about being virtuous or knowledgeable.

A6: Sympathy
High Scorers: Sympathetic, especially towards those who are worse off.
Low Scorers: Not interested in people's problems. Not soft-hearted. "An eye for an eye". Disinclined to assist the weak and the needy.

NEO Domains

High Scorers: Speak well of others. Believe others are well intentioned. Respectful. Accepting. Make others feel at ease.
Low Scorers: Sharp tongued. Adversarial. Suspicious of others. Vengeful. Insulting.


High Scorers: Ask about others' well-being. Sympathetic. Feel other's emotions. Interested in the lives of others. Do things for others.
Low Scorers: Disinterested in the feelings, lives and problems of others. Don't make time for others. Don't have a soft side.

High Scorers: Respect authority. Don't want to be pushy. Don't want to impose on or pressure others.
Low Scorers: Insulting. Think they are superior. Take advantage of others. Enjoy conflict and confrontation. Prioritise personal gain.


[HEXACO divides Agreeableness up into 2 separate traits]

HEXACO - Agreeableness

High Scorers: Loving. Forgiving. Nice.
Low Scorers: Unforgiving. Hold grudges. Vengeful. Not trusting.

High Scorers: Rarely complain. Take things as they come. Accepting. Have nice things to say about everyone.
Low Scorers: Frustrated by the shortcomings of others. Judgmental. Find faults with others. Speak ill of others. Sharp tongued. Critical of others.

High Scorers: Good at taking advice.
Low Scorers: Often annoyed by others, especially by their errors. React badly to criticism. Dislike having their plans changed by others. Stubborn. Don't like to be contradicted. Hard to please. Hard to reason with.

High Scorers: Not easily brought to anger. Patient. Rarely irritated.
Low Scorers: Easily made angry, irritated or upset.

HEXACO - Honesty-Humility

High Scorers: Unpretentious.
Low Scorers: Smarmy. Manipulative. Show-off. Disloyal. "Fake it to make it". Feign sympathy. Social Chameleon. Bootlicker. Servile.

High Scorers: Unlikely to cheat or steal but would feel bad if they ever did. Follow rules.
Low Scorers: Admire skilful deceit. Cheat. Steal. Betray trust. Don't feel bad about taking advantage of others.

Greed Avoidance
High Scorers: Don't want to be famous. Don't strive for elegance.
Low Scorers: Love luxury. Desire power, money and status. Try to impress others. Prefer expensive restaurants. Out for personal gain.

High Scorers: Don't think they're better than others. Regard themselves as "average" or "ordinary".
Low Scorers: Want to be more powerful than others. Think they're better and more competent than others. Like to attract attention. Tend to show off. Boast.


Accommodating: Sympathetic. Respectful. Interested in others. Like to help. Appreciate others opinions.
Social: Interested in people. Make people feel good/at-ease/welcome. Comforting. Interested in others. Make time for others. Grateful. Feel others' emotions.
Reserved: Prefer cooperation over competition. Listen to their conscience.
Limbic: Feel the sorrow of others. "Heart" over "head". Like children's movies. Want to please others. Remember birthdays. Cherish mementos. Want to be valued by others. Think crying makes them feel better. Show their feelings.
Calm: Easy to please. Speak well of others. On good terms with everyone. Trusting. Respectful.
Unorganised: Concerned for others. Moved by the misfortune of others. Sympathetic for those who are worse off. Interested in others. Do things for others. Reassuring.
Organised: Don't cheat on their taxes. Respect privacy. Seek harmony. Follow rules. Respect authority.
Non-Curious: Soft-hearted. Go above and beyond for others. Selfless. Will do anything for others. Like to please others. Wouldn't hurt a fly.
Inquisitive: Anticipate the needs of others. Sense others' wishes. Reflective. In touch with their feelings. Seek to better themselves.


Egocentric: Not concerned for others or their feelings. Not interested in other people's needs and problems. Don't make time for people.
Reserved: Not interested in others. Rarely smile.
Social: Impose their will on others. Enjoy/seek conflict. Prideful. Braggarts. Tricksters. Crude sense of humour. Indiscreet. Reckless.
Limbic: Hard to please. Judgmental. Insulting. Unforgiving. Contradict others. Criticise others.
Calm: Don't understand emotional people. Don't get excited. Don't call people just to talk. Don't care about dressing nicely.
Unorganised: Don't care for rules. Turn their back on others. Talk about themselves. Overestimate their achievements. Scheming. Act at the expense of others. Break rules
Organised: Demanding. Don't trust "sob-stories". "Head" over "heart". Dislike soft-hearted people. Don't think about the needy. Look down on weakness in others. Think people should fend for themselves.
Non-Curious: Feign concern. Don't have a soft side. Supercilious. Not in touch with their feelings.
Inquisitive: Make enemies. Oppose authority. Think they're better than others. Seek danger. Pressure others. Try to outdo others. Prefer not to rely on others.

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