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Listed below are the facets that comprise the trait Extraversion according to the IPIP.

E1: Friendliness
High Scorers: Make friends easily. Warm. Comfortable around others. Raise the spirits of others.
Low Scorers: Hard to get to know. Uncomfortable around and uninterested in others. Avoidant and distant.

E2: Gregariousness
High Scorers: Love parties and group activities. Like to get others involved.
Low Scorers: Avoid crowds. Prefer quiet and solitude.

E3: Assertiveness
High Scorers: Take charge. Inclined to lead others. Persuasive and influential.
Low Scorers: Let others lead. Stay in the background. Don't say much. Avoid drawing attention to themselves.

E4: Activity Level
High Scorers: Constantly busy and active, even in their spare time. Good multi-taskers. React quickly.
Low Scorers: Take things slow and easy. React slowly.

E5: Excitement-Seeking
High Scorers: Seek out action, adventure and excitement. Enjoy reckless, wild and dangerous activities. 
Low Scorers: Not drawn to extreme sports. Dislike loud music.

E6: Cheerfulness
High Scorers: Fun and joyful. Positive. Amuse others. Laugh aloud.
Low Scorers: Not easily amused. Not fond of "joking around".

NEO Facets Key (

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