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Listed below are the facets that comprise the trait Conscientiousness according to the IPIP.

C1: Self-Efficacy
High Scorers: Complete tasks successfully. Tend to excel in their endeavours. Self-assured. Find good solutions.
Low Scorers: Can tend to misjudge and misunderstand situations. Struggle to foresee consequences. May not feel useful.

C2: Orderliness
High Scorers: Like order, regularity and tidiness. Meticulous. Follow plans.
Low Scorers: Forget to put things back. Create mess and disorder and are not bothered by others who do the same.

C3: Dutifulness
High Scorers: Follow rules. Keep promises. Pay bills on time. Tell the truth. Listen to their conscience.
Low Scorers: Break rules and promises. Get others to do their duties for them. Do not follow instructions. Flexible with the truth.

C4: Achievement-Striving
High Scorers: Oriented around pursuing goals and taking action. Industrious. "Go the extra mile". Expect exemplary performance from themselves and others.
Low Scorers: Not highly motivated. Just try to "get by" with minimal effort. 

C5: Self-Discipline
High Scorers: Complete tasks promptly. Always prepared. See plans through.
Low Scorers: Struggle to get started on work. Waste time. Postpone decisions.

C6: Cautiousness
High Scorers: Avoid mistakes. Careful with words. Stick to their plans.
Low Scorers: Rash. Do not consider for long before acting. Spontaneous. Make last-minute plans.

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