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How the Big 5 relates to each Enneagram

This article will take descriptions of each Enneagram and use them to speculate on what the typical big 5 blueprint would be for each one. The resource used will be the PDB traits section. The reason for using this as the primary resource is that the de-centralised nature of these polls allows for somewhat unflattering descriptions to be included, something that most websites will tend to avoid so as not to alienate their potential customers. Ignoring certain negative elements of personality will necessarily lead to inaccurate and incomplete summaries, which runs contrary to the ethos of the big 5. Furthermore, the PDB trait polls tend to be largely free of Barnum Statements, a phenomenon that plagues most resources for pseudoscientific personality systems and which is counter-productive for Big 5 analysis and for legitimate personality analysis in general.

The main polls won by each type will be sorted in terms of their relation to each big 5 trait and then summed to give big 5 trait scores. The two subtypes (e.g. 1w2, 1w9) will be grouped together as one type. Some words may appear twice, if they appear to be a combination of two big 5 traits. Words that are excessively vague or that do not specifically relate to any big 5 trait will be omitted. Polls that relate to specific MBTI categories (e.g. Authoritarian (feelers)) will also be omitted.

Note: This article was written in late 2022 and so the resource material used is the PDB traits polls as they stood at the time of writing. The traits poll results may change over time.

Type 1

High O: Visionary, Progressive,
Low O: Dogmatic, Prudish, Absolutist, Puritanical, Closed-Minded, Uncreative, Dry, Predictable
High C: Clean, Strict, Formal, Enforcer, Hardworking, Punctual, Diligent, Puritanical, Austere, Tenacious, Frugal, Nitpicking, Perfectionist, Ascetic, Organised, Obsessive, Studious, Self-Controlled, Disciplined, Compulsive, Dignified, Consistent, Conscientious, Enduring, Responsible, Dedicated, Reliable, Predictable, Healthy, Neat,
High E: Inspiring
Low E: Stoic, Serious, Focussed, Robotic, Self Serious,
High A: Moral, Ethical, Pious, Earnest, Honest, Fair, Just, Honourable, Chivalrous, Trustworthy
Low A: Critical, Authoritarian, Strict, Judgmental
High N: Frustrated, Self-Critical,

O: -6
C: 30
E: -4
A: 6
N: 2

Summary: Type 1 can primarily be defined by extremely high conscientiousness. They may have a slight tendency towards low openness and high agreeableness (primarily in the honesty or morality aspects) and low extraversion (primarily in the serious/unemotional aspects). However, very high conscientiousness is clearly the best indicator that someone might be a Type 1.

Type 2

Low O: Normie, Ignorant, 
High C: Perfect, Poised,
Low C: Contradictory, Unpragmatic,
High E: Inspirational, Attractive, Socially Extraverted, Histrionic, Overreactive, Friendly, Social, Approachable, Communicative, Smiley, Easy to read, Warm, Demonstrative, Gregarious, Overwhelming, Engaging, 
High A: Selfless, Altruistic, Accommodating, Benevolent, Appreciative, Humanitarian, Compassionate, Polite, Generous, Helpful, Supportive, Devoted, Nurturing, Respectful, Courteous, Inclusive, Affectionate, Caring, Sympathetic, Affable, Cooperative, Open, Sacrificial, Reassuring, 
Low A: Prideful, Possessive, Petty, Nagging, Nosey, Patronising

O: -2
C: 0
E: 16
A: 18
N: 0

Summary: Despite a few indicators of low agreeableness, the standout indicator of a Type 2 appears to be High A. High E comes a close second. The other three traits don't seem to be relevant to this type.

Type 3

High O: Cultured, Eloquent, Heretic, Sophisticated,
Low O: Materialistic, Glib,
High C: Status-Conscious, Ambitious, Efficient, Goal-Oriented, Motivated, Successful, Productive, Prosperous, Overachiever
High E: Charismatic, Attention-Seeking, Charming, Popular, Persuasive, Compelling, Proactive, 
Low A: Deceptive, Hypocritical, Sly, Catty, Devious, Exploitative, Treacherous, Arrogant, Competitive, Elitist, Cunning, Machiavellian, Proud, Egoistic, Pretentious, Cocky, Snobbish, Entitled, Spoiled, Snobby, Prima Donna, Snide
High N: Bitter, Petulant, 

O: 2
C: 9
E: 7
A: -22
N: 2

Summary: The primary indicator of a type 3 appears to be low agreeableness. High conscientiousness and high Extraversion are also moderately significant indicators.

Type 4

High O: Aesthetic, Aesthete, Multifaceted, Artistic, Deep, Abstract, Creative, Anti-Mainstream, Idealistic, Intuitive, Imaginative, Weird, Individualistic, Eccentric, Contrarian, Ethereal, Quirky, Original, Unique, Unconventional, One of a Kind, 
Low C: Capricious, Informal, 
High E: Dramatic, Whimsical, Flamboyant, Zany, 
High A: Authentic, 
Low A: Gatekeeping, Self-Absorbed, 
High N: Envious, Edgy, Emotional, Overemotional, touchy, Sensitive, Sad, Timid, Brooding, Moody, Vulnerable, Self-Loathing, Heartbroken, Desperate, Resentful, 

O: 21
C: -2
E: 4
A: -1
N: 15

Summary: The best indicator is clearly high openness. High neuroticism (more so the withdrawal aspect than the volatile aspect) is also a very strong indicator. The other traits don't seem to be especially significant.

Type 5

High O: Brilliant but lazy, Independent, Bookworm, Complex, Philosophical, Good at Philosophic Talk, Insightful, Complicated, Mystical, Dissociative, Unpatriotic, Iconoclastic, Contemplative, Conceptual, Wordy, Geeky, Theoretical, Verbose, Highbrow, Intricate, Intelligent, Nerd, Know it all, Intellectual, Scientific, Analytical, Academic, Curious, Knowledgeable, Strategic, Inquisitive, 
High C: Selective, Competent, Mastering, 
Low C: Absentminded, Brilliant but lazy,
Low E: Mysterious, Socially Introverted, Aloof, Dark, Lonely, Hard to read, Solitary, Silent, Isolated, Hermetic, Quiet, Unreactive, Private, Unsexual, Distant, Emotionally Unexpressive, Secretive, Inexpressive, Laconic, 
High A: Sincere, Reasonable, 
Low A: Solipsistic, Misanthropic, Cynical, Calculating, 
High N: Socially Awkward, Gloomy
Low N: Unemotional, Detached, 

O: 31
C: 1
E: -19
A: -2
N: 0

Summary: Like type 4, the most important trait here is high openness, although more on the intellectual side, whereas type 4 was open in the more artistic sense. What distinguishes 4 from 5 is that 5's extraversion is very low whereas 4's was slightly above par. Also 4's neuroticism was high, while 5's was neutral.

Type 6

High O: Overthinking, Superstitious, 
Low O: Conservative, Patriotic, Traditional, Characterless, Conventional, Old-Fashioned, 
High C: Cautious, Common Sense, Careful, Prudent, Meticulous, 
High E: Reactive, 
Low E: Pessimistic, Elusive, 
High A: Loyal, Protector of Secrets, Faithful, 
Low A: Suspicious, Fault-finding, Prejudiced, Biased, 
High N: Anxious, Fearful, Nostalgic, Alert, Paranoid, Stressed, Nervous, Guilt-Prone, Turbulent, Apprehensive, Dependent, Panicky, 

O: -4
C: 5
E: -1
A: -1
N: 12

Summary: High neuroticism is the primary indicator for type 6. High conscientiousness and low openness are also indicated to a small degree.

Type 7

High O: Head in the clouds, Open-Minded, Inventive, Innovative, Traveller, Anti-Traditionalist, Adventurous, witty, Quick-witted, 
Low C: Distracted, Forgetful, Confused, Dilettantish, Frivolous, Discursive, Tardy, Unprofessional, Accident-Prone, Adaptable, Crazy, Chaotic, Impulsive, Hedonistic, Irresponsible, Opportunistic, Unpredictable, Careless, Oblivious, Undisciplined, Reckless, Wild, Unpunctual, Pleasure-Loving, Imprudent, 
High E: Funny, Happy, Optimistic, Fun, Goofy, Enthusiastic, Silly, Jolly, Euphoric, Prankster, Energetic, Active, Flirty, Talkative, Promiscuous, Loud, Hopeful, Daredevil, Captivating, Sassy, Excitable, Noisy, Restless, Fun-Loving, Flirtatious, 
High A: Encouraging, 
Low A: Disloyal, Mischievous, Disobedient, 
High N: Gluttonous, Prone to addiction, 
Low N: Carefree, 

O: 9
C: -25
E: 25
A: -2
N: 1

Summary: Very low conscientiousness and very high extraversion are the two primary indicators of a type 7. They also appear to have somewhat high openness.

Type 8

High O: Maverick, Sharp, 
Low O: Concrete, Down to Earth, No-Nonsense, 
High C: Confident, Decisive, Result-Oriented, Power Hungry, Resourceful, Resilient, Enterprising, Persistent, Practical, Resistant, 
High E: Alpha, Dominant, Assertive, Strong-Willed, Physically Dominant, Forceful, 
High A: Straightforward, Protective, 
Low A: Argumentative, Aggressive, Antisocial, Insensitive, Rebellious, Abrasive, Vengeful, Dangerous, Blunt, Impatient, Cruel, Brutal, Immoral, Disagreeable, Belligerent, Demanding, Intolerant, Tough-Minded, Opinionated, Ungrateful, Savage, Guiltless, Foul-Mouthed, Brash, Unapologetic, Uncooperative, Domineering, Harsh, Neglectful of feelings, Spiteful, Rough, Uncompromising, Disheartening, Scrappy, Crude, Forward, Hard-Headed, Menacing, Gruff, 
High N: Angry, Hot-Blooded, Mad, 
Low N: Brave, Bold, Fearless, Overconfident, Courageous, Tough as Nails, Cool, Tough, Heroic, Valiant

O: -1
C: 10
E: 6
A: -37
N: -7

Summary: By a huge margin, the primary indicator for this type is very low agreeableness. They appear to have high conscientiousness. Low neuroticism and high extraversion (primarily assertiveness) are also notable traits.

Type 9

Low O: Introverted/Not a nerd, Uninterested, Conformist, Simple, 
Low C: Lazy, Messy, Nonchalant, Slothful, Casual, Slob, Indecisive, Unambitious, Unmotivated, Wishy Washy,
High E: Prolix, 
Low E: Introverted/Not a nerd, Energy-Saving, Lethargic, Avoidant, Submissive, Soft-Spoken, Meek, Demure, Inactive, 
High A: Non-Judgmental, Accepting, Agreeable, Nice, Gentle, Kind, Patient, Innocent, Apologetic, Humble, Obedient, Wholesome, Soft-natured, Forgiving, Pure of Heart, Tolerant, Diplomatic, Considerate, Sweet, Good-Natured, Trusting, Modest, Virtuous, Noble, Merciful, Tactful, Harmonious, 
High N: Shy, Sheepish, 
Low N: Apathetic, Chill, Indifferent, Laid-back, Relaxed, Calm, Bashful, Balanced, Dispassionate, Even-Tempered, Peaceful, Tranquil, Content, Mellow, 

O: -4
C: -10
E: -8
A: 27
N: -12

Summary: Like type 2, the main indicator of a type 9 is very high agreeableness. Unlike a type 2 however, their extraversion is somewhat low. Low conscientiousness, low extraversion and low neuroticism are all moderately strong indicators for this type.

Sorting the types by their traits

High O: 5 (intellectual), 4 (artistic), 7 (quick wit and adventurousness).
Low O: None of the types indicate very low openness. Type 1 scored lowest.
High C: Type 1 owns this trait. 3 and 8 have slightly high C.
Low C: This trait is dominated by type 7. 9 also has fairly low C.
High E: Type 7 wins this one. Type 2 comes a close second. 3 and 8 are somewhat Extraverted.
Low E: Type 5 is the most introverted. 9s are somewhat introverted.
High A: Type 9 wins. Type 2 takes a convincing second place.
Low A: Type 8 is the clear leader here, but type 3 follows close behind.
High N: Type 4 and type 6 are the main leaders for this trait.
Low N: Type 9 appears to hold this title, though 8's neuroticism is also fairly low.

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