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Processional V and L, Resulted F and E

Because of the process V and L, debates and discussions are widely encouraged and may get heated. For Enas, it's very important that people are able to prove their point, and much self-esteem rides on the ability to do this.

These types are typically unpretentious in their daily life habits and their leisure activities: this usually leads to naturally durable personal relationships. At the same time, they are ambitious, they like to discuss their goals and decisions.

One random tendency: they are usually not particularly bothered by scenes of violence in works of art, and often end up with a sort of "grotesque" aesthetic.

Enas have a natural fixation on personal boundaries: if you want to get close to an Ena type, a high amount of patience and perseverance is required. But once you're past that point, you're in and not easily forgotten.

Some typical Ena strengths: ambition, bravery, free-thinking, grit.

Attitudinal Psyche Version:

Want to discover what the world offers

Cooperative (¼V), Curious (⅔L), Casual (¼F), and World-Focused (¼E)

Types in this Sexta

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