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Fourth (Indifferent)













Resultative • Unprincipled • Low




Attitudinal Psyche


Uncertain • Insufficient • Weak


Passive • Objective • Fearless


Flippant • Distinctive • Local

When we combine the self-negative, and others-positive dispositions this position holds, we see that an orientation towards desiring results comes into play. The results focus is what gives the fourth position a flippant, distinct, and more specific localized feeling to it. The Unbothered Position wants to get the results they desire, but are uncertain about how to reach these desires. For this reason, this position can defer to outside knowledge to quickly figure out how to achieve a result and move on. They rarely feel vulnerable or protective over themselves regarding the aspect held within. If someone needs help with the aspect, the fourth position requires specific direction so they can provide an answer and move on.

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AP Subtypes


The 4-1 subtype is the most flippant of the unbothered subtypes. When they do engage in the aspect, they tend to be bold, to-the-point, and quick to express their opinion. Unlike the other three subtypes, the self-sufficient subtype is willing to criticize others. However, this does not mean they hold onto negative judgments, as changing their minds is done with relative ease. The 4-1 subtype moves on even quicker than the accentuated subtype. They can get into trouble when they follow their natural tendency to downplay the importance of the fourth aspect while mitigating all opinions to how they manage their first aspect. For this reason, the 4-1 subtype can look shut off from others, preferring to be entirely self-sufficient. The growth path for this type is to recognize the power of exploring the realm of their fourth aspect while truly looking to others for guidance beyond what is needed in the exact moment. This subtype has an urgency about it that is reminiscent of the first attitude, yet it lacks the certainty, confidence, and true emboldened nature that the first attitude displays.


The 4-2 subtype is the most open-minded and curious of the unbothered subtypes. They tend to get lost in options when engaging in the aspect. The 4-2’s barometer for dealing with discussion and processing of the aspect held within is extremely high. This may come off as confusing for others, as the 4-2 subtype can abruptly shut off communication once they feel that they have received enough information to decide. They are truly searching for results in the aspect, but they do so by venturing through the information and opinions at hand. This gives them a friendly, honest, and genuine aura. The 4-2 subtype is looking for ideal opinions but cannot quite grasp them. Much like a bulk shopper, they are trying things out to get the best deal that will last them long enough to place any concern on the back burner. This is what separates the 4-2 subtype from being a true process-oriented attitude, as once they find the answer, they are more than willing to move on. It stops becoming a journey once they can again separate themselves and find distinct answers. This does not mean that they distrust outside sources, but rather, they utilize them when needed.


The 4-3 subtype is the most prone to disgust of all the unbothered subtypes. This subtype tends to resist the aspect by processing what is worth spending their mental energy on. They tend to imagine all ideas and how they could be a roadblock to focusing on what they truly desire to focus on. Once they have fully understood the options, they repel what is unwanted, and reel in the strategies that save them time. They may go on monologuing tangents or explanations of how they see things as useless or annoying within the aspect, but they also have no issue with ignoring the aspect until a later time. There is a true lack of anxiety that we see present in the insecure attitudes, as the 4-3 subtype is only using this skeptical nature to figure out what is worth inviting into their mental sphere. Once they have figured out what is worth their time, they move on. They can sometimes mitigate to their third aspect which truly does cause them anxiety, and can further make them ignore their fourth aspect, almost making it invisible to themselves. Like the 4-1 subtype, the growth path for the 4-3 subtype is to explore their fourth aspect on its own without solely focusing on what disgusts them or feels like a time dump.


The 4-4 subtype is the most apparent and easily recognizable of the unbothered subtypes. They tend to downplay the importance of their fourth aspect but will easily incorporate new blocks of information from outside sources. They identify where they stand with the aspect with ease and are genuinely fearless and unconcerned with how it might affect them long term. Anyone can come along with an opinion and impart it on the 4-4 subtype, as there is an openness to incorporating information verbatim. The accentuated subtype is like a connoisseur of the aspect, as they can absolutely see how others are skilled or lacking within. They can appear to be entirely at the mercy of others and must watch closely for manipulation as they may fall victim to insidious opinions. The accentuated subtype has the easiest time shutting the aspect off when there are other issues happening affecting their first three attitudinal aspects. They behave as chameleons when information regarding the aspect is brought up, willing to go with others so long as it means they do not have to engage and process it themselves. The growth path is recognizing all the dormant potential of information that lies within the aspect. Rather than abandoning information as they normally do, they must learn to incorporate it into a holistic and meaningful understanding.

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