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FEVL - "Dumas" or "The Impressionist"

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WARNING: This article contains sensitive and explicit content. Reader discretion is advised. 

In appearance, "Dumas" is, by all accounts, beautiful, as is the case with all First Physicists. If a man, he is usually tall, muscular, with juicy and tough skin, broad shoulders and thick facial hair. If a woman, she is slim, with curved and large hips, pronounced breasts and clean skin. However, this beauty will also come with a large amount of crudeness, brought about by the Third Will. Whereas the combination of 1F2V ennobles the appearance, giving it a calm and collected confidence, and 1F4V makes the appearance more childish and soft, the insecurities and capriciousness of Third Will give way to a vulgar and unsettling appearance. 

What does soften the blow of the gargantuan First Physics, however, is the adaptable Second Emotion. This function creates a charm that is impossible to resist; influencing and manipulating through emotions comes as naturally to "Dumas" as breathing. In many ways, "Dumas" is a contradictory character. The Second Emotion makes him charming, sweet, and light-hearted, but the First Physics and Third Will made him sadistic, cruel, and egocentric. Watts Phillips described Dumas himself as,

...the most generous, large-hearted being in the world. He also was the most delightfully amusing and egotistical creature on the face of the earth. His tongue was like a windmill – once set in motion, you never knew when he would stop, especially if the theme was himself. 

"Dumas" is the perfect psychotype for an actor. The attractive, well-built stature of the First Physics, the adaptability and charm of the Second Emotion, and the love for drama and subtle psychologism of the Third Will is the perfect combination for anyone on a stage. Singing, too, is a great occupation for "Dumas," for the emotionality and depth with which the Second Emotion sings, combined with the hidden drama of the Third Will and the attractiveness of the First Physics make for a performer like no other. However, other artistic professions may not be so welcoming to the "Dumas." In particular, dancing is a labourious and slow process for the FEVL. Even if the Second Emotion shows beauty, elegance, and expressiveness, the First Physics will awkwardly lumber and stumble across the stage. 

The lack of forethought, reason, and rationality in the "Dumas" that is attributed to the Fourth Logic can cause catastrophe if left unchecked. Afanasyev quotes the story of a WW1-era prostitute.

Once upon a time there was a cocotte who exploited the lazy interest of European moneybags in oriental exoticism (she lived for some time on the island of Bali). But the war began, there were fewer hunters to stare at voluptuous dances, age declared itself, and now, flabby, lazy, greedy, stupid priestess of love decided that, on the occasion of the war, it was more convenient for her to rob not individual rich people, but intelligence of the warring parties. Selling herself to everyone who agreed to buy, she squandered the first installments, never working out either a mark or a franc.

Yes, and I couldn’t work, because I’m used to working at all in the place where bread is mined in intelligence, requiring a certain intellectual baggage and constant mental effort. The case soon took such a turn that the owners of Mata Hari preferred to see their employee rather dead than alive. The tragedy was hastened by the fact that she ended up in Paris in the days of the failure of the French offensive near Verdun. Shifting responsibility for the defeat to others, the then French leadership began to shoot foreigners in batches, and the execution of Mata Hari became the apogee of this dirty government game. 

The dumb, aging prostitute just got under the campaign, like under a tram. And the mercenary vulgarites from the mass media embroidered such patterns on this canvas that behind them was hidden the real drama of a creature with the psychology of "dumas", stupidly and greedily climbed into the millstones of the struggling state machines to death and died there.

The most notable aspect of the "Dumas" is the combination of First Physics and Third Will. We have already discussed how this manifests in the appearance and vulgarity of the psychotype, but there are much more deep psychological aspects to the combination of functions. More than any other psychotype, "Dumas" is a sadist by nature. Violence comes naturally to the First Physics, whose overgrown desire for carnal pleasures will not cease in its attempts to quench its lust. This is in tandem with the ever volatile Third Will, which may be angered or tormented at the lift of a finger. This, combined with the lack of lawful inhibition on the part of Fourth Logic, paves the way for a lustful and cruel sadist. Alexandre Dumas himself, at the sound of his crying son, would throw him across the room and onto the bed in frustration. 

On top of sadism, "Dumas" is also an exhibitionist by nature. Normally, the laissez-faire attitude towards nudism and the body is typical of the Second Physics, who are flexible and extroverted in their carnal pleasures. However, for the "Dumas," the First Physics causes carnal issues to protrude out of the psyche and into action, and the Third Will only excites these desires for pleasure, worrying that the psyche is dancing on a volcano. As a result, "Dumas" is exceptionally attentive to his body, and sees flesh as the only true means of contact with the world.[1]

This coincides with another point that we should bring up about 1F3V, that is the tendency to over-compensate for insecurities with material worth. First Physics is characterised by its possessiveness, excessive concern with the material, and the Third Will causes inner capriciousness and cultivates a feeling of unrealised ambition. "Dumas," and indeed his brother in functions, "Aristippus," use material signs of wealth to compensate for their inner turmoil. This can manifest in many ways, such as expensive clothing, technology, jewelry, or even pure cash.[2] Indeed, "flex" culture, whereby people will endlessly brag to others about their expensive and lavish apparel, is the making of the "Dumas" psychotype. 

"Dumas" in general are ones to appreciate life's simplest pleasures; a good meal, a comfortable seat, beautiful clothes, and many other worldly pleasures. They have a very bright outlook on life and is self-sufficient in the satisfaction of his needs. They are generally attentive to their appearance, but judge beauty based on their own standards. All of this is, of course, the making of the First Physics. 

Second Emotion plays an equally important role in the life of a typical "Dumas." The ability to attract other people and be the centre of attention is second nature for the FEVL, and he is not shy about expressing himself or hearing others do the same. "Dumas" Second Emotion is a chatterbox that loves to joke around and leave kind words for other people. It is also a form of defence against the inner turmoil of the first and third functions. When the Third Will causes doubts, anger, or hatred, the "Dumas" is quick to twist it into a joke in order to keep those around him happy. 

Fourth Logic makes "Dumas" indifferent to reasoning, thinking, and logic. The mind of this personality is generally uncomplicated and simple, although that is not to suggest a lack of basic intelligence. It is much easier for the FEVL to leave such matters to the experts and not concern himself with intellect at all. When inquired about such issues, "Dumas" will typically come to a short conclusion without much explanation of how he got there. He typically relies heavily on friends to explain things to him, acknowledging their superiority in the intellect.[3]

To summariase all that has been said, First Physics gives "Dumas" attractiveness, protruding and exhibitionistic bodily features, and an inclination towards carnal pleasures. It also gives them a positive outook on life, allowing them to enjoy life's simple delights. The Second Emotion is charming, extroverted, and seductive. It is used to manipulate, to influence people and achieve self-actualisation. Third Will is capricious, hateful, insecure, and ambitious. It can lead securities being hidden behind material wealth, or can manifest in the most horrific forms of violence when combined with the First Physics. The Fourth Logic is unlawful, illogical, and uninhibited, it does not like to contemplate and prefers to act. 

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