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Processional E and L, Resulted F and V

Because E and L are the speech aspects and they are process positions, Pentes are usually quite talkative.

They are captivated by art, creativity, and relationships, usually having these in a central position in life. Logical discussions turn into emotional outpourings, and emotional outpourings turn into logical discussion. This leads to a typical natural aptitude for oratory. There is also usually a subtle sense of humor and liberal use of irony.

From the outside, Pentes look like calm, relaxed, self-confident people, who are enthusiastic and passionate about life. They strive to attain success in whatever interests them, usually focusing more on the outer world than the inner one. Each Pente type has striking qualities that immediately draw attention. They often have a circle of admirers around them with whom to share ideas and charisma.

Attitudinal Psyche Version:

Want to express who they are independent of others

Independent (¼V), Curious (⅔L), Casual (¼F), and People-Focused (⅔E)

Types in this Sexta

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