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Processional V and E, Resulted F and L

This sexta pays much attention to emotions: they may joke a lot and amuse others, or escalate the situation and dramatize. Whatever they do, they always take into account the moods of themselves and others.

These types are active and purposeful: they discuss plans and are ready to persevere in achieving their goals. Their plans often involve others. The details vary, but the essence is usually similar: Exis have big plans, to make an emotional impact on their audience.

These types do not like long intellectual discussions much, preferring to find an authoritative opinion and stick to it. To convince them of something, show them studies and anecdotes from life. 

They are also not particularly excited by the creative arrangement of everyday life: they will not get too much pleasure from a well-chosen outfit or an originally-served dish. Their approach toward art tends to focus on: who created this, what drives them, what do they want?

The advantages of this sexta: purposefulness, empathy, charisma, leadership ability.

The disadvantages of this sexta: dogmatism, day-to-day laziness, and a tendency toward gossip.

Attitudinal Psyche Version:

Want to be prepared for the world’s challenges

Cooperative (⅔V), To-The-Point (¼L), Casual (¼F), and People-Focused (⅔E)

Types in this Sexta


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