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VFEL - "Tvardovsky" or "The Arbiter"

Psyche Yoga Version:

In The Syntax of Love, Aleksandr Tvardovsky is cited as the namesake for the VFEL. Tvardovsky was a Soviet-Era Russian poet, who was notable to many for his seeming absence of poetic and romantic language.[1] Yes, despite his occupation, Tvardovsky could not bring himself to write a word about love, and he could much less tolerate that which came from others. This phenomenon is, of course, the result of the cold, stern, and sensitive Third Emotion. According to his contemporaries, any form of self-expression and emotionality was foreign to Tvardovsky, and something as small as the colour of someone's socks could immediately turn him against a person. 

Tvardovsky would often use alcohol to soften his stone-cold heart, as did many of his fellow VFELs. Afanasyev recalls an anecdote from one of Tvardovsky's contemporaries.

“There were several meetings in a bar on Pushkinskaya ... Tvardovsky was sitting alone. In front of him was vodka in a glass, a mug of beer and a plate with a slice of red fish. He didn’t touch the fish all evening.

If in the editorial office Alexander Trifonovich was correct with me, rather dry, and I did not feel his true attitude, now I suddenly felt some kind of involuntary movement of warmth, interest in myself ...

We were left alone...

He talked about how his father said goodbye, how he was taken away ...

And there was an open pain in his voice, which struck me, because he was older than me, and the separation from my father happened a long time ago, twenty years ago, and I had thirteen years ago, but I thought about my father much more calmly. There was no pain, the wound dried up and hardened. And he was crying. ...

What was he crying about? About irrevocable childhood? About the fate of the old man whom he loved? Or about his own fate, so strikingly different from that of his father? From a young age, fame, recognition, awards, and all for the fact that in talented poetry he sang the very thing that ruined his father. He was crying, not noticing me, probably, and forgot that I was sitting next to him ...

Under the influence of the magical syrup, the gates to Tvardovsky's soul were wide open, and the feelings that the Third Emotion usually suppressed unconditionally were spilled out. However, once the daze from the drug died off, the soul was once again concealed behind that stern, focused look on Tvardovsky's face. However, it was his deep insecurity with emotions that made him such a great poet, as he expressed the suffering and fate of a soldier with as little expressiveness and anguish as possible. 

After Tvardovsky's father and brother escaped captivity, they came to his house, hoping to see a smiling face and a warm embrace. They were met, however, with a cold, silent look. Tvardovsky's father hoped that he would at least see his brother, and comfort him with the embrace that the elder siblings give to their younger siblings, but no such embrace came about. Tvardovsky commanded them to go back from whence they came, telling them that he would only help them if it were for free. Having to make a choice between relatives and power is never an easy task for anyone, but in the case of Tvardovsky, he really had no choice. The nature of his psychotype meant that First Will would suppress and shun the Third Emotion. 

In his interactions with the public, Tvardovsky's First Will was clear as day. In any interaction that took place, he treated everyone as an equal, be they academics or peasants. He had a natural way of dealing with those who treated him negatively, always responding with a cold, malicious, yet composed contempt, and in some cases, even ruthless cruelty. According to his family, Tvardovsky was democratic, not in the normal sense, but in a "royal" sense. Everyone whom he came across he treated as an equal, for they were all equally inferior to him in his eyes. Such a phenomenon is very clear evidence to Tvardovsky's iron-clad and rigid First Will. 

The Second Physics of Tvardovsky was evident in his appearance and mannerisms: his body was large, but strong and healthy and his hands clasped and struck with immense power. This, combined with the other functions, makes not just Tvardovsky, but all "Tvardovskys" the best fighters in the world. The bullet-proof First Will is never going to give in and can easily bring itself back up, the flexible Second Physics can take punches, kicks, and throws and still survive without issue, the Third Emotion makes the individual composed, stern, and cold, and the Fourth Logic does not waste time contemplating the next move. 

In general, the Third Emotion makes "Tvardovsky" (along with his brother in functions, "Socrates") one of the more introverted and shy of the First Wills, though he is nevertheless steadfast and confident in his power and ambitions.[2] It is very hard to convince a "Tvardovsky" against something, especially if one uses reason to do so. Logical conclusions fly over the head of the VFEL, for it is at the very bottom of their priorities. Breaking a "Tvardovsky's" character or convincing him against his ambitions is inconceivable, as is the case with all of the First Will types. 

Once again, just like his brother in First and Third Functions, "Tvardovsky" is typically not a great leader. His communication and connection with the team is cut short by the shy and inhibited Third Emotion. "Tvardovskys" typically have a small, dedicated group of people who affirm the authority of their central figure, and who are not going to question their master's coldness. Should the question of love come into the "Tvardovsky's" mind, his First Will is there to either suppress and forget about it, or to claim it for himself and quench his thirst for love. Naturally, should the individual be rejected, he will not falter, instead ensuring that his First Will hides the broken heart that lies underneath. [3]

Second Physics often makes people of this personality very active, and they love to engage in intensive physical activity. People of this personality are often sportsmen, martial artists, or craftsmen. They are often very neat, organised, and clean in everything that they do, and take great care of their appearance to ensure it has the same amount of cleanliness. 

To summarise all that has been said, First Will gives "Tvardovsky" an iron-clad and bullet-proof character, always determined and confident in himself. Second Physics gives him excellent physical durability and flexibility, making him a laborious worker and a vicious fighter. Third Emotion makes the VFEL cold, stern, composed, and uninclined towards poetic expression or artistic displays. Fourth Logic makes him uninhibited, turns his mind away from reason, and gives him apathy towards matters of intellect and speculation. 

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