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Physics deals with matter, physicality, internal sensations, and materialism.

Denoted by 'F' or 'P' but 'F' is most common 


1st Physics professes outright idolatry, i.e. deifies matter in all its forms, and imagines immortality quite carnally, like the early Christian concept of the coming Resurrection in the flesh.




According to Imperative Socionics

There is an indisputable difference between the First Physicists of various psychosophic types, which is explained by different combinations of high, dominant and productive functions. But there are also some common features that are characteristic of all owners of 1F. Let's talk about this in more detail.

The First Physics rewards a person with such qualities as physical strength, endurance, and an ineradicable love of life. After all, there are so many bodily pleasures in the world! How can you say that it is meaningless? For the 1F, physical pleasure itself contains the delight of existence.

1Fs love the feeling of having “it’s mine and I can do whatever I want with it.” This attitude partly extends to the love partners of the First Physicists, to whom they show signs of attention of the owner: put their hand on their knee, cuddle, squeeze in their arms, etc. It is common for them to accumulate money without a specific purpose, because it is pleasant to own it. They become attached to the objects of their “possession” and part with them with difficulty. It can be argued that possessiveness is one of the main manifestations of sensuality 1F.

The first Physicists are well aware of their body and the surrounding material reality, so they usually do not like to take the advice of doctors, often resort to self-treatment (and, as a rule, successfully). Sport is one of the physical pleasures for 1Fs, but doing it constantly and regularly is difficult for them without additional motivation (for example, by Will).

In appearance, 1Fs are almost never small and fragile. Usually they are distinguished by a dense physique and an abundance of muscles on the body. Even if 1F has a thin body, it will still look athletic, not asthenic.


Conscious - 

Extroverted - 

Subjective - 

The Second Physicists provoke liberation and the discovery of their true tastes. This can manifest itself both in the kitchen and in bed. For example, the story of Gray and Anastasia (“Fifty Shades of Grey”), which is now popular among the people, is a typical example of the relationship between 2F and 3F. These are endless "rolls", attempts to persuade to something indecent, a constant desire to touch, treat, reveal the boundaries of sensual pleasures. Behavior 2F is one big offer of yourself as a lover, babysitter, massage therapist and sports coach all rolled into one.


Conscious - 

Introverted -

Objective -

Like Second Physics, Third Physics does not sit still because of its processionality. But this process, in contrast to the process of deuce, causes a feeling of something “unhealthy”. The 3Ps are morbidly focused on their body and material condition. They can spend hours discussing the details of their diet with you, for example, telling you what they ate per day and how much. They can also talk about physical exercises, cosmetic procedures, massage.

3F is characterized by the desire for purchases and the accumulation of finances. These people tend to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of purchased clothes, shoes, furniture and other things for a long time and in detail. They have a contradiction between greed and generosity - one or the other prevails. When choosing a gift, they often cannot please, as they are guided by their own taste. They also like to talk about ways to make money. The financial status of the 3F is very important to them.

They can overburden themselves with homework, and try to attract their household members to it. One gets the feeling that 3F come up with household chores out of the blue - they shift things, re-paste the wallpaper, use a lot of dishes. Often complain of lack of sleep, but do not want to reduce their activity. Their motto is: "If you want to help, don't tell me to do less, better do it for me!".

They can watch with interest how a person eats something; when he offers a treat, they take a tiny piece for themselves; the offer to take a normal portion is invariably refused. This is due to the uncertainty of the 3F in its right to take something from the material world.

In addition, the owners of 3F react strangely to touch: even if they like you, their hugs will be overly cautious. They are the type of people who love to be loosened up and pushed into physical interaction.


Unconscious -

Extroverted -

Objective -

Fourth Physicists in critical situations become indifferent to the physical world - do not eat, do not sleep, do not use the shower, etc. However, for some of them this is also typical in everyday life, but there they can be taught to cook their own food and interrupt sitting at the computer for sleep from time to time. But if 4F is on fire with feelings, a goal, an idea, then “a piece doesn’t fit in his throat”, and insomnia, and in general - why be distracted by the mortal world, when there are so many more interesting things around? There is a stereotype that 4F is “logs”, and it is not so far from reality. They can be moved, fed, dressed, and they may not even notice it. But at the same time, the Fourth Physicists tend to be "infected" by someone else's physical energy. In the company of High Physics, they can become athletes, hedonists, passionate lovers or greedy accumulators of wealth.

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