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Processional F and L, Resulted V and E

These are "Renaissance people", who make the world beautiful and inspiring.

Tria types are active and mobile, constantly improving their bodies. They love walks and nature. This helps them get pleasure from life and maintain good health for many years. They also have an inexhaustible interest in the world's knowledge, making them study, reflect, and debate philosophical topics.

Tria types do well in intellectual activity, as well as art forms requiring mastery of technique: handicrafts, drawing, classic dance, music.

Strengths: free thinkers, natural affect, subtle understanding of aesthetics. Weaknesses: uncompromising and fussy, a tendency to believe concepts that are beautifully formulated but not accurate or useful.

Attitudinal Psyche Version:

Want to dream up and achieve big things

Independent (¼V), Curious (⅔L), Formal (⅔F), and World-Focused (¼E)

Types in this Sexta

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