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Processional V and F, Resulted E and L

In a sense this is the "quiet" sexta, since the aspects that correspond most easily to speech (L and E) are the result ones.

These types are natural "team players". They enjoy collaborating and competing with other people, bringing people together to achieve goals, strategizing with colleagues.

They also care a lot about the beauty and aesthetics of the material world: they will tinker with their home or workspace until it matches their ideal. They evaluate the appearance of others more by grooming than by beauty per se: it is important to Dios that people constantly improve, consistently put in effort (these are the people who deserve respect).

Dio strengths: ability to achieve long-term goals, good taste, sufficient attention to health, tendency not to overreact to others' emotions, constant self-improvement.

Dio weaknesses: sometimes not asking "the hard questions" about society, often missing a certain intangible charisma, can lack empathy for others' problems.

Attitudinal Psyche Version:

Want to fit in and listen to authority

Cooperative (⅔V), To-The-Point (¼L), Formal (⅔F), and World-Focused (¼E)

Types in this Sexta

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