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LEVF - "Pascal" or "The Visionary"

Psyche Yoga Version:


Funcational Stack [1]

1st Logic (Strong, Process-Oriented) - Dogmatist

2nd Emotion (Strong, Process-Oriented) - Actor

3rd Will (Weak, Process-Oriented) - Bourgeois/Philistine

4th Physics (Weak, Result-Oriented) - Slacker

Club: EL[2]

In Psychosophy, this type is described as being one of the most tragic psychotypes alongside the ELVF (Andersen), due to both having similar attributes (3rd Will and 4th Physics).[1] These types are confident in their own opinions, disinterested in sharing or discussing their ideas, and their reason being painted with emotional depth and nuance as a result of their 2nd Emotion. At the same time, their strong Logic often manifests in intellectual giftedness, systematic thinking, and interest in rational subjects like philosophy or mathematics. Their strong, process-oriented Emotion manifests in their reason being aided by what Afanasyev calls "aesthetically significant"[1] wording. This type wants to invoke emotions in others, expressing their emotions timidly but significantly, and having a "pained"[1] gaze due to the aforementioned tragic personality. Their 3rd Will is most significant, as it is prone to misanthropy, vindictiveness, being "purposeful, but not confident"[8], and doubting the legitimacy of all aspects of reality barring reason. Finally, their 4th Physics manifests in an ascetic, altruistic character that is often skinny in appearance, though can have a violent streak if raised in particular circumstances.

This type is first and foremost a dogmatist (1st Logic), prone to being rigid in their thoughts and opinions, fanatical and ideological in nature, and speaks little in debates due to being perceived as "right". They value this function greatly, even going so far as to state it as man's "redeeming" quality from its vain nothingness (3rd Will and 4th Physics)[1]; often described as intelligent, thoughtful people, since it stands as the base of their personality and personal outlook. At the same time, this is their main tool for coping, to conjure an image of intelligence and ideological consistency, compensating for their weak, painful Will. However, intelligence is neither a prerequisite nor is it an inherent part of their personality, and can say "absurd things" the same way they treat geniunely insightful comments (rigid, unyielding, confident and laconic).[5]

The Second Emotion (Actor) of this type gives it "the role of a comedian or cultural figure"[6], with it being described as potentially flamboyant and as wanting to provoke emotions in others. As is most cases of 2nd Emotion, it gives it a romantic view of the world which is darkly colored due to 3rd Will and 4th Physics. According to Yulia, it is relied upon to compensate for their 3rd Will as is the case with rationality[8]. The combination of the two strong, valued functions manifests in a "philosophy of the heart"[1] that is often contrasted with the dry Logic of those with low Emotion (3rd or 4th). It gives them an expressive, timid, sad appearance that is similar in scope to ELVF.

The Third Will of this type manifests itself in a sentiment of ambition and a constant need for action, but at the same time a sense of deep awareness of its emptiness and soreness. Often described as pessimistic, if not outright misanthropic with regards to its perception of human nature due to the combination of the suspicion of 3rd Will, paranoia seen in 1st Logic 3rd Will types, and the pessimism of 4th Physics. Due to the aforementioned combination of weak Physics and Will, it contains a tragic outlook on life that is also seen in ELVFs, and is generally very vindictive yet timid. This "duality" of being insecure in their desires often manifests in neuroticism, even to the point of suicide (they are especially vulnerable due to 4th Physics[3]). To cover up for this insecurity, they cultivate an image of intelligence and rationality. They become more entrenched in 1st Logic due to the tendency of 3rd Will types to view the 1st Function as the solution to all their doubts.

The Fourth Physics often manifests in a pessimistic outlook on life, as well as their physical activities being impersonal and of little importance. Afanasyev describes their appearance as "thin", not caring about their clothing, and in women a tendency to ignore makeup. Often described as lacking attention towards their comfort and health, many sources describe this as altruistic, philanthropic, and ascetic. In Syntax of Love, Afanasyev notes that while accurate, a degree of cruelty and violence could develop if "found in a barracks instead of a monastery".[1

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Attitudinal Psyche Version:

Functional Stack [1]

Confident (Self-Positive; Others-Negative; Results-Oriented) Logic

Flexible (Self-Positive; Others-Positive; Process-Oriented) Emotion

Insecure (Self-Negative; Others-Negative; Process-Oriented) Will

Confident (Self-Negative; Others-Positive; Results-Oriented) Physics

Exi Sexta[2]: "The Resolvers"


This type is defined by their desire for a philosophical truth that is both solid and can give them a sense of identity. Described as philosophical, academically oriented, and assertive regarding their beliefs, these people seem interested in "their own vision of the fundamental building blocks of reality[1]". At the same time, their 2nd Emotion results in a lively, smooth, affable personality. Though they are prone to betrayal and manipulativeness, they nonetheless are jolly people who are emotionally expressive and non-demanding. Their Will is unique in how it can be confused for 1st or 4th Will, due to desiring academic achievement, not wanting to discuss this function, though they nonetheless feel vulnerable to the "lopsided balance of power in the world[1]". and can be passive-aggressive. Finally, their 4th Physics manifests as engaging with the outside world, being open-minded and ascetic when it comes to the physical realm. However, it fundamentally is a trifle to them, something to reflect "[informational] exchange.[1]"

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