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At what age is a sociotype formed?

According to Aushra Augustinavichiute

A child's IM code, i.e. his/her personality type, is formed up to the age of 5 under the influence of interaction of IM codes of people close to the child. Later on, the presence of people with compatible or conflicting IM codes forms the personality of an individual as strong or weak, healthy or unhealthy, well or poorly socialized, i.e. introtype differences are formed.[1]

According to Victor Gulenko

I think that a child is already born with a ready-made psychological foundation - a sociotype.
But the variant of the type (psychological superstructure) is formed in the first years of life under the influence of parents or persons replacing them.[2]


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[2] Victor Gulenko (2017), Consultations, Until what age is a child's sociotype formed?

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