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Irina Eglit

This article is about the School of System Socionics Socionist, Irina Eglit

Irina Eglit - a Kiev-based socionist associated with School of System Socionics. Self-types as LSE.
In Nov 2006, she posted this about herself:

“With socionics I became acquainted 10 years ago. I was typed by one Dostoevsky (he must have felt his dual :)), and later he became my husband. Together with him I attended socionics expert courses led by V. D. Ermak. If I haven’t attended those courses, I don’t think I would have stayed on this topic for long. This brought me into Socionics. Together with students of V. D. Ermak we conducted socionics work in a secondary school. The results are described in the article Roslankina Y.V., Eglit I.M., Piatnitski V.V. “From experience on social rehabilitation of high school students.”

Then I again started frequenting socionics websites. At that time, I was not aware of how much opinions differ in socionics. It seemed to me that everything is so simple and straightforward: you have a model, you take it and start typing. I began typing people in Kofeina. It was there that I was faced with the fact that those who were involved in socionics have very different understanding not only of the model, but also of the aspects. Thus arriving at an agreement with other socionists was very difficult. We were speaking in different languages. Thus an idea came to create a site where typing would be done in accordance to one theory. Furthermore, V.D. Ermak always taught us and insisted that typing should be well reasoned and argumented. He asked us to create a template protocol for determining types. This is what we have done at the site of “School of System Socionics”. And now we continue activities aimed at argumentation and proof of validity in typing, and protocols of our results that everyone could see what is the basis of one or another TIM.


Graduated from Grodnensk State University with specialty of philologist, then worked as a teacher. Before finishing the university went through several professions: seller of manufactured goods, embroiderer, locksmith instrumentation, etc. After the birth of the second child she has left her workplace and now devotes more time to School of System Socionics.

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