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Intuitive Logical Introtim

Model A

Type abbreviations: ILI, INTp, TP
Ego Block Elements: NiTe (NiTe)
Nicknames: Critic, Observer, Balzac, or archetype Honoré de Balzac.


WSS - The Critic


The ILI is disposed towards inner reflections on the flow of events. Detaching from trivial concerns, ILIs turn their attention to the more important and far-reaching matters of life. Penetrating the misty vestiges of the past and future through depth of imagination, ILIs tend to synthesise for themselves a profoundly realist, neutral world view that can be perceived as 'bleak' or 'gloomy' by others. Such a world view is frequently in the form of a singular eventuality that current events will head towards given certain variables. For them, the present is only important in so much as it is the midway point between what has happened and what will happen, and that sometimes actions can be undertaken to change or alter that interaction, usually in the form of preventing stupidity that might lead to disaster later on. Often what is completely obvious to the ILI makes very little sense to anyone else and they may be frustrated that other people are too dense to see the issues so clear to them. Frequently, ILIs may feel that they have a responsibility to inform people of these dangers, especially if they may affect the world at large. As such, ILIs regularly come across as critics and augurs for the consequences of foolishness, although their risk aversion may also mean that they do not deign to get involved, in case they are also pulled in to drown.

ILIs tend to be rather well-read. Regularly informing their perception of events is a wealth of useful and relevant information, often historical, mystical or arcane, that they tend to slowly accumulate over time. However, ILIs do not merely take in the facts to apply them, but undergo a long rumination process, picking out patterns and trends that they see as carrying particular temporal weight and thinking these through until they have an idea on what they mean for the long term. Such information they can usually recall well and use to back up any points or musings they might come up with. Furthermore, should there be a long term outcome that an ILI deems as favourable, or one that they particularly wish to avoid, the ILI can plan out the processes by which these outcomes can be reached or prevented. Often they will enjoy board games that require strategy, and may be a number of steps ahead of their opponents, creating a plan and adapting any technique at their disposal to fit the plan. However, this ability also allows them to know when something is inevitable or out of their power, and in such situations, the ILI will fatalistically wait it out. In a similar way, the ILI will often be the first to point out when an action is useless or pointless, already knowing that it will not lead anywhere despite the optimism of others. 


ILIs do not tend to care what others think of them and often would prefer not to unnecessarily interact with people other than those they care about. Frequently, ILIs fill the archetype of the outsider to any social circle and the teller of unpopular truths, not because they actively desire to be contrary or controversial, but because they do not see the point of sweetening their words for the ears of others at the expense of accuracy and sincerity. For the ILI, this is partially due to a lack of awareness of their own emotional expression and the impression they are giving off to others. Furthermore, the concept of showing emotions, rather than simply feeling them internally, is quite alien to them, sometimes resulting in a listless or austere manner when speaking. When aware that someone is putting on a façade of sunny emotions, the ILI approaches them with scepticism, questioning their angle. The ILI may stubbornly resist attempts by such people to make them to join in with the forced enthusiasm, socially alienating themselves as a result. ILIs may express frustration with seemingly pointless social norms like small talk, avoiding pleasantries and cutting straight to the point in conversation. These tendencies run the risk of spoiling the positive mood, resulting in a loss of popularity for the ILI. Consequently, their fore-warnings can often fall on deaf ears as people may decide not to listen to them and may mistake it for pessimism. However, to accuse ILIs of pessimism is to misunderstand their realism. After all, unjustified negativity is as bad to them as unjustified optimism.

The ILI is best situated when detached from the present day and pondering over themes of times been and yet to come. However, a certain amount of begrudging self-maintenance is kept with the ILI, who usually attends to chores and concerns around the house at a slow, steady pace, freeing up the mind to go elsewhere. ILIs are usually unconcerned with how they look, but will nevertheless know to maintain basic hygiene and standard practices. However, ILIs will have little care for anything luxurious or pleasant. The room they may occupy is a simple holding cell for them to sleep in, its comfort being as important to them as their distant memories of the room years later. They may also possess a good eye for detail when needed, being able to spot errors and and read the fine print, keeping an eye on the specifics of practical tasks without much difficulty. Many may take up work requiring repetitive or detailed activity and perform well, although they will use such physical tasks to go elsewhere mentally.


Although many appear cold and detached on the outside, ILIs can possess powerful sentiments and attachments that are shut out from public view except in short bursts of temper. ILIs rarely forgive and even more rarely forget the wrongs done to them by other people.  ILIs can have a rather strong, all-or-nothing sense of decency and character judgement, sacrificing their own needs without complaint for the select few they care about, while keeping a wary psychological distance from most others. Although being difficult to get close to, ILIs deeply want to encounter people whom they actually like and foster a bond of great significance. Rather than seek belonging of any social circle where public approval is required, ILIs seek out these close, personal contacts, serving as trusted advisers to those who sincerely find them worth listening to.

The ILI tends to possess a sardonic sense of humour and when the situation calls for it, may make harsh or biting comments at those they think deserve it. However, this is usually the limit of an ILI's aggression. Although often appreciative of power and the will to confront or change reality, they themselves are unable to adequately make these changes themselves, having difficulty overcoming the inertia of excessive thinking before any action might be taken. Rather than jump in and think on their feet, ILIs tend to be highly risk averse, finding it easier to succeed through careful preparation and reviewing as much relevant information as possible in the time they have, making sure that whatever they do will ensure good outcomes for the future. This can lead to a certain hesitance to make a decision, although once a decision is finally made, it is stuck to. They tend to appreciate those with a relentless energy to get what they want when they want, finding this empowering and shaking them out of their analytical paralysis.


ILIs tend to have little patience for brainstorming with others and running through different options. Instead their goal is to deliberately limit the range of possibilities as much as they can, putting together the most probable estimation for how future events are going to turn out from the trends and information available. When faced with alternatives, the ILI will likely respond with stubbornness, seeing their conclusion as the most likely outcome and the only one worth focusing on. This can be interpreted by others as arrogance, although the ILI is unlikely to have a position at all until they have given the matter considerable thought and surveyed all the relevant variables in forming their opinion. Often the ILI will turn out to have been right all along, by which point people would have likely forgotten there was an issue in the first place.

People often perceive the ILI to be a source of intellect and profound insight, given to forming a clear, structured understanding of phenomena. However, although the ILI readily grapples with theories, philosophies and ideologies, they do so with a natural scepticism. For the ILI, grand theories that neatly explain everything should be distrusted, with their analytical rigour easily dismantling such ideas, keeping only what stands up to their scrutiny. After undermining the logical integrity of a theory, the ILI is unlikely to offer a complete structure in its place, preferring to piece together only what works when building their oasis of understanding in a general landscape of doubt.[1]

Model G


SHS - The Critic

Social Mission

Leading -Ni
They are an attentive observer of the course of life. Subtly notices details and barely emerging trends. Explains what causes led to the existing consequences. Immersed in the past, studying recurring phenomena. Thanks to the associatively organized memory and love for knowledge, they often become an erudite. Good at identifying contradictions and factual errors in positions and opinions. Possessing a philosophical mindset, they know how to impress a wise and far-sighted person. They are cautious in making decisions. It comes from the fact that one needs to be slightly ahead of events. They always choose the safest course of action.

Creative +Ti
The work is done strictly according to technology, slowly and clearly, and delving into all the details. They can be scrupulous and meticulous to the point of pedantry. Business activity and hard work are inherent in them only in the system of formal relations, when order and executive discipline reign. Strives to have a set of necessary tools to perform work as in everyday life, as well as in production. Doesn't like to borrow anything. They are independent and self sufficient. Law-abiding and executive. They have no craftiness and criminal inclinations. Reliable in business and fair play.

Creative Self-Realization

Demonstrative -Te
In their mind they calculate the logic of actions and the cost of resources, as if balancing the useful and useless. Strives to find the shortest and most profitable path to the goal. Careful in handling money. Knows how to stock resources. Constantly monitors income. Looking for places and ways of profitable financial investments. Before starting work, thoroughly thinks through its technology, and also collects all the information involved in the case at the moment. They direct their business efforts to the creation of sustainable structures. Tracks the state of affairs in the area of ​​interest to them and knows how to use the accumulated information with benefit. Well versed in changes in the market of goods and services. Starts file cabinets, databases, archives, and collections.

Manipulative +Se
When in good physical shape, they are self-confident, assertive, and calls for decisive action, although calls rarely come to fruition. They need a push from the side, a forceful support. Lack of power custody leads to passiveness and laziness. They cannot stand direct aggression, they resist it with all their might. They cannot stand the protracted confrontation - they are eliminated or they simply fall ill. For good physical health, they go towards power sports, it tempers themselves, and they try to overcome their natural weaknesses. However, they do not have enough willpower to do this regularly.

Social Adaptation

Role-playing -Si
They are prudent in matters of comfort and health. When going out or going on a trip, they carry with them a set of items that provide a guaranteed minimum of amenities. Forces themselves to comply with the rules of hygiene. They triy to keep cleanliness, often washing their hands. They devote a lot of effort to the prevention of diseases, including the use of folk methods. Often becomes a gourmet. Can cook special dishes according to their taste. They are tuned to the use of quality products, although in conditions of shortage they are able to get by with very simple food. The appearance is either untidy and neglected, or, conversely, carefully thought out, in line with the latest fashion. It depends on what audience they communicate with.

Launching +Fi
Their emotional state depends on how others treat them. They feel overwhelmed if others do not pay attention to them, and do not react in any way to their proposals. In a bad mood, they do not need to be consoled or amused. It is better for them to be left alone with their thoughts and others to show indirect sympathy. In dealing with strangers, they know how to be polite, behave well-mannered, and be intelligent. Possesses diplomatic features. Seeks to reconcile the interests of all parties. To start a closer relationship, they joke, play, behaves quite relaxedly. However, if the partner does not respond, the approach stops.


Brake -Fe
Assesses attitude towards oneself by manifestations of emotions. Stormy, obsessive emotions irritate them, they become depressed. In an extreme situation or when they feel hidden hostility, they are able to openly show their irritation, flare up, and demand in a sharp form. They are often ironic. They can flash a well-aimed and caustic remark. If the soul is bad, they pour out a bad mood in the form of black humor. Their craving for people again depends on the current mood. In high spirits they can even be obsessive, in a bad mood they are eliminated and they lie down in solitude.

Controlling +Ne
They worry because their awareness and intellectual abilities rarely lead to the expected result. They know a lot, but it's hard for them to come up with something themselves. Skeptically assesses the prospects for new beginnings and bold ideas. They make things more complicated than they really are. Although they can inspire hope in the desperate and disappointed. Seeks to try themselves in different activities to prove their abilities. However, a comprehensively developed personality usually does not come out of it. They are happy to study all the novelties in the field of interest to them. They know how to find a new application, it would seem, that will serve their purpose.[2]


[1] WSS, ILI - The Critic
[2] SHS, ILI - The Critic

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