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Yielding / Obstinate

Yielding types: SEI, ILE, IEI, SLE, ESI, LIE, EII, LSE
Obstinate types: ESE, LII, EIE, LSI, SEE, ILI, IEE, SLI

Aushra Augusta

Yielding-Obstinate Quadral Realization in Theory of Reinin Dichotomies, Part 4

Socionics Working Group - 2003 Study of Reinin traits


For the Yielding type, personal resources falls into their "inner personal space" (i.e. something that cannot be compromised), which is outlined with a "personal boundary", while interests constitute an object to be manipulated. Interest is evoked only if it can be supported by an adequate, corresponding resource or opportunity.

Yielding type, while interacting with other people, freely express their interests (they readily share photographs, voice their disagreements, consider counterarguments, are ready to share their interests with other people and collaborate on them). These types clearly delineate interests as "my own" and "those of others".

Yielding types protect themselves during conflicts over resources, but they do not monitor encroachments on their interests. If anyone attempts to claim their resources, thus intruding into their "personal space", they react sharply, which can even seem a bit over the edge and aggressive. (This reaction is associated with "inviolability" of their resources.)


For Obstinate types, their interest fall into their "personal ("inviolable") space", which is outlined with a "personal boundary", while resources are an object to be manipulated. In the presence of an interest, their will seek suitable resources and opportunities.

The Obstinate interacting with other people freely operates with their resources (they can "share" and "trade" them, purposefully replenish them and use them up). They are acutely aware of the dividing line between their own resources and those of others.

Obstinate types guard themselves from intrusions into their personal sphere of interests, while at the same time they pay no heed to intrusions on their resources. If someone tries to impose their interests on Obstinate types, thus intruding into their personal space, their reaction will be sufficiently deterring and sharp (such a reaction occurs in cases when other's interests do not become their interests).


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