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Normalizing subtype (Conscience)

-Dichotomies: Terminating, Distancing, Ignoring
-Formula: LS(R) | TiSi(Fi)
-Role: Perfector, Implementer, Quality Task Finisher

The normalizing subtype is distinguished by the following manifestations in behavior:
  1. Commitment to accuracy, compliance, discipline
  2. Cost-effectiveness and perseverance in the usual work
  3. Indiscretion and indecision in an extreme situation
  4. Patience and attention to detail
  5. Conservatism
  6. Has a narrow circle of true friends


1) A role on a team to be able to finish assigned tasks and to be able to follow formal and informal rules established within the group.

2) A strengthened action of cold and reasonable Structural Logic, L, obedient and compliant Ethics of Relationships, R, that follows the established interaction style and the communication culture within the group, and Comfort Sensing, S, all functions working together to create a respectful and productive environment within the group, so people can just focus on their work without discomfort of distractions or unnecessary drama.

3) Normalizers can be recognized by their ability to focus on the task at hand, ignoring any distracting signals from the environment (ignoring); ability to finish assigned tasks in a reasonable time (terminating); and keeping away from the spotlight or drama, preferring to focus on work (distant). When Normalizers exist by themselves, without a team nearby, it is very difficult to see their temperament in action, unless some unsettling event occurs. Consider a wind of change that disrupts their work and introduces some change to their lives.

4) Normalizers will resist any kind of change to their comfortable and routine lives. Once something tries to upset their way of things, they will unleash their temperament for the purpose of returning to their status quo.

5) The goals that Normalizers establish may seem like Dominant’s subtype goals most of the time, something that takes a long time to accomplish; however, trying to observe Normalizers trying to reach those goals may not yield any discernible conclusion about their temperament. Only when a disruption takes place can you see that the Normalizer’s goal becomes to return to the way of things used to be, and they will try to reach those goals according to their temperament.

The best way to observe Normalizer’s temperament is to trigger it by introducing some sort of disruption to their status quo, their normal way of doing things. Let the Hurricane of Change blow each of the four temperaments from their initial (faded) comfortable position into a new, less comfortable, and even an unfamiliar place. What will each temperament do?

LA will try to quickly accelerate back to the status quo, smashing obstacles on the way.

When knocked back from a comfortable status quo, a Normalizing FM will try to jump back to its original anchor point to resume its circling around.

Normalizing BS will resits these winds of change for as long as possible, and then slowly, but surely, will bring back a familiar order, re-create the original environment under the new management.

Normalizing RA will get knocked back the easiest by this Hurricane of Change, but it will have an easier time finding a way back to its status quo, oscillating between various modes until the familiar environment is rediscovered and many obstacles avoided.

Normalizing-Dominant (ND): The Strict Devotee

—With a thorough eye for quality and a strong commitment to a stable system (so not Dominant-Normalizing)
—Will confront and rebuke disorder and laxity on their territory
—Main characteristics: Dual subtype (Terminating)
—Blurred characteristics: Distancing, Ignoring

Normalizing-Creative (NC): The Experimenting Systematist

—Preferring well-ordered methods and seeking an ever more perfect system (so not Creative-Normalizing)
—Freely test new options and incorporate only what improves the system
—Main characteristics: Revision subtype (Ignoring), Reactive Metabolism
—Blurred characteristics: Terminating, Distancing

Normalizing-Harmonizing (NH): The Fine-tuning Stabilizer

—Steadily working out specialized tasks and problems to finality (so not Harmonizing-Normalizing)
—Sensitively adapt rules in context to make systems accommodating
—Main characteristics: Order subtype (Distancing), Proactive Metabolism
—Blurred characteristics: Terminating, Ignoring
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