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Harmonizing subtype (Designer)

-Dichotomies: Initiating, Distancing, Connecting
-Formula: TR(S) | NiFi(Si)
-Role: Layout Artist, Feedback, Wise Kind Peacemaker

Harmonizing subtype has its own peculiarities of behavior in a group:
  1. Outwardly, looks calm
  2. Easily loses its internal balance even from a small impact
  3. Anxious, although hoping for the best
  4. Focuses on proportionality and simplicity
  5. Emotionally sensitive
  6. Compliant, avoids conflicts
  7. At close range is irritable
  8. Can live for the sake of his usual comfort
  9. Generous, able to empathize with the weak
  10. Many reach out to him, but he prefers to slip away


1) A role being a connecting tissue on a team, serving as highly focused expert specialists that are hired to complete very specific tasks or to offer opinions as consultants, or to provide highly customized end products; they also serve a role of a feedback loop for the key people on the team if they sense any kind of problem within the group coming their way.

2) Harmonizers have strong Intuition of Time, T, they are full of worry and premonition; Comfort Seeking, S, and the appropriate and considerate approach to individuals through their forgiving Ethics of Relationships, R; all functions working together to find ways to any team member that requires a key feedback, be it a higher-up manager or a simple task finisher.

3) Harmonizing subtypes are also well-attuned to the environment, able to pick up on the slightest of changes in the mood in the room, or see some trouble approaching team from afar (connecting); able to start those necessary and important one-on-one conversations (initiating); and otherwise, keeping their distance away from limelight, afraid of being noticed (distancing). Overall, Harmonizers are considered to be the weakest link on a team due to their low terminating ability compared to Dominants and Normalizers who specialize in finishing tasks, and not being as demonstrative, inventive, or entertaining as Creatives. Nonetheless, their role is a very important one, because without a Harmonizer, the team will become blind to any potential issues that may lead to irreversible damage to the team’s cohesion. When outside of their social roles, Harmonizers preserve certain features that they carry with them into their personal lives.

4) Being the weakest link on their team, they also have relatively lower wills of power, being caught up by the currents of fate that carry them away someplace they never even anticipated or willed to be.

5) When a sweeping change occurs in the Harmonizer’s lives, they temporarily, like their Normalizing cousins do, try to restore the upset homeostasis, the familiar status quo, but unlike their Normalizing friends, they tend to fail at this task, being stuck with the new set of circumstances until the currents of fate pick them up again and displace yet into another environment.

A typical goal for a Harmonizer is to find a comfortable and safe niche, where they can pursue their interests unhurriedly. The currents of change temporarily give them a new goal - to try and return to the familiar way of things, preferably, at the original location (faded) before the change took place. But there is a certain feebleness, meekness, or faintheartedness associated with the Harmonizing subtype that, although the temperament will get awakened to try and reverse this change, will result in a most likely failure.

They lack energy, even the Harmonizing LA temperament, which, is supposed to have the most energy out of all the temperaments. Sure, LA will try to get back to the original position, accelerating in a straight-forward and linear fashion, but it will quickly run out of energy and thus fail at this task, returning to the new position to look for a new comfortable and safe niche.

Harmonizing FM will also try to jump back to the original anchor point before the change occurred, but due to lack of energy, will miss the mark and end up somewhat short, sliding back to the new valley of the wave that took it away. There it will find a new anchor to revolve around, until a new change occurs.

Harmonizing BS will probably exert efforts to return back to the original position the longest out of all Harmonizing temperaments, however, even stubborn BS will eventually run out of energy and will have to settle with a new way of things.

Harmonizing RA will try to wiggle its way back, but like the rest of them, will fail in this task, and try to find a new place for itself in the new environment.

Harmonizing-Dominant (HD): The Firm-Willed Soother

—Gently aware of sensitivities and seeking peace (so not Dominant-Harmonizing)
—Act timely and firmly to influence pressure points of close people to ensure gentler eventualities
—Main characteristics: Revision subtype (Connecting), Proactive Metabolism
—Blurred characteristics: Initiating, Distancing

Harmonizing-Creative (HC): The Diverse Includer

—Seeing the harmony in disparate things and keen to remove any strife (so not Creative-Harmonizing)
—Open to agreeable new experiences and ideas to expand this delicate sensibility
—Main characteristics: Dual subtype (Initiating)
—Blurred characteristics: Distancing, Connecting

Harmonizing-Normalizing (HN): The Expert Consultant

—Able to give sage advice to smooth over difficulties as they arise (so not Normalizing-Harmonizing)
—Collect firm principles close to their experience as a consistent stable core
—Main characteristics: Order subtype (Distancing), Reactive Metabolism
—Blurred characteristics: Initiating, Connecting
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